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Greening Auto Jobs: A Critical Analysis of the Green Job Solution

by Caleb Goods Lexington Books
Pub Date:
Pbk 262 pages
AU$79.99 NZ$83.47
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Greening Auto Jobs: A Critical Analysis of the Green Job Solution provides a major contribution to the growing and important field of environmental sociology and labor studies by providing a theoretical and practical understanding of how the broader political-economic relations of society affect the relationship between labor and the environment.

Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Appendixes
List of Abbreviations
Preface and Acknowledgments

Chapter One – Introduction: Why Green Jobs Matter

Chapter Two – What is a Green Job?
Green Job Definitions
The Theoretical Foundation of Green Jobs
A Critique of Ecological Modernization
Ways of Understanding the Capitalist System and the Green Shift
A Marxist Understanding of Green Jobs

Chapter Three – Green Jobs as an Environmental and Economic Battleground
Green Jobs in Australia, a Blurred Vision
Recent Green Job Manoeuvres 2007–2011
The Narrative of Jobs as a Battleground in Australia

Chapter Four – The Response of Some Key Australian Unions to Green Jobs
Unions and Just Transition
What Do Unions Do? Australian Unions and a Green Jobs Agenda
What Do International Unions Do?
What Can Unions Do?

Chapter Five – The Automotive Industry: Setting the Scene
An Overview of the Current Global Automotive Industry Landscape
The Political Economy and Cultural Dominance of the Car: within the Global Context
Car Nation
The Labor Process: Automobile Production and Its Workers

Chapter Six – Crisis in the Global Automotive Industry and the Green Shift
The Political Economic Shift of Auto: From Environmental Opposition to
Ecological Modernization
The Green Possibilities of the Three Parent Companies
The State and Labor Unions Embrace a Green Shift

Chapter Seven – Green Cars, Green Jobs: The Australian Government's Green Car Plan
Green Car Policy from Opposition
Green Car Policy in Government
Policy in Action
The Never-Ending Crisis

Chapter Eight – Analyzing the Green Shift: The Three Vehicle Manufacturers Operating in Australia
Understanding Green Jobs
Government Policy, Industry and the Environment
Green Shifts and Manoeuvres
Outside Australia's Control

Chapter Nine – Conclusion
Key Findings
Implications and Future Research Possibilities
End Notes

How can we move'as this book shows we must'beyond the dead-end debate that pits jobs against the environment? Looking afresh at the concept of 'green jobs,' Caleb Goods examines recent initiatives in one decisive sector, the auto industry, to show that policy-makers and industry insiders all too commonly either misconceive the problems we face or simply wish them away. The arguments in this thoughtful and engaging book not only urge us to take environmental crisis seriously, but provide an innovative and powerful framework for rethinking paths to ecological sustainability.
Caleb Goods is a research fellow at the University of Western Australia Business School.