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Opt Art: From Mathematical Optimization to Visual Design

by Robert Bosch Princeton University Press
Pub Date:
Hbk 200 pages
AU$69.99 NZ$72.17
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A fun and stunningly illustrated introduction to the art of linear optimization


Linear optimization is a powerful modeling method for discovering the best solution to a problem among a set of available alternatives. It is one of today's most important branches of mathematics and computer science - and also a surprisingly rich medium for creating breathtaking works of art. Opt Art takes readers on an entertaining tour of linear optimization and its applications, showing along the way how it can be used to design visual art.


Robert Bosch provides a lively and accessible introduction to the geometric, algebraic, and algorithmic foundations of optimization. He presents classical applications such as the legendary Traveling Salesman Problem and shows how to adapt them to make optimization art - Opt Art. Each chapter in this marvelously illustrated book begins with a problem or puzzle and demonstrates how the solution can be derived using a host of artistic methods and media, including 3D printing, laser cutting, and computer-controlled machining. Bosch focuses on mathematical modeling throughout--converting a problem into a workable mathematical form, solving the mathematics, and examining the results, which can take the form of mosaics, line drawings, and even sculpture. All you need is some high-school algebra, geometry, and calculus to follow along.


Featuring more than a hundred illustrations and photos of Bosch's own art, Opt Art demonstrates how mathematics and computing can be used to create beauty and express emotion through amazing works of art.




"Opt Art is a beautiful tour of the intersection of art and mathematics. From Legos to dominoes and from mazes to Mona Lisa, Robert Bosch shows how simple linear equations are a powerful 'brush' in the hands of a mathematical artist."'George W. Hart, mathematical sculptor and designer
Robert Bosch is professor of mathematics at Oberlin College and an award-winning writer and artist. His sculpture Embrace was awarded first prize at the 2010 Mathematical Art Exhibition in San Francisco. Visit for more of Bosch's mathematical art. He lives in Oberlin, Ohio. Twitter @baabbaash