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Cultural Metaphors: Readings, Research Translations, and Commentary

by Gannon M SAGE Publications, Inc
Pub Date:
Pbk 272 pages
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This outstanding volume offers students, researcher, and cross-cultural trainers the opportunity to gain an understanding of the use of metaphor, particularly the cultural metaphor of a nation, in developing an in-depth, culture-specific perspective. A nation`s cultural metaphor is any institution, phenomenon, or activity with which all or most citizens in a nation closely identify, for example, the Swedish stuga or French wine. The book examines the importance and criticality of metaphors. The research translations include not only limited empirical studies in which specific hypotheses are tested, but also larger, more expansive works published as books and groundbreaking articles. The often overlooked views of political scientists and journalists who conceive of the world in terms of zero-sum game theory are explored, as are the issues of the symbolism associated with cultural metaphors. The book concludes with a description of specific uses of cultural metaphors or metaphorical applications.

Metaphors We Live By - George Lakoff and Mark Johnson
Why Metaphors Are Necessary and Not Just Nice - Andrew Ortony
Edward Hall's Multiple Metaphors
Research Translation and Extension
The Confucius Connection - Geert Hofstede and Michael Harris Bond
From Cultural Roots to Economic Growth
The Work of Geery Hofstede
Basic Types of Human Relations, Collectivism and Individualism
Research Translation
French Wine
An Illustration of a Cultural Metaphor
Samuel P Huntington's 'The Clash of Civilizations'
Research Translation and Commentar
Powershift and the Assumed Decline of Nations
Research Translation and Commentary
Football Games and Rock Concerts - Susan P Montague and Robert Morais
The Ritual Enactment of American Success Models
Bowling Alone - Robert D Putnam
America's Declining Social Capital
The Persistence of Cultural Stability
Applying the Fiske Framework to North and South Italy
The Balinese Cockfight
Research Translation
Negotiating with 'Romans' - Stephen E Weiss
Language Shock - Michael Agar
Understanding the Culture of Conversation
Stages in Cross Cultural Collaboration - William H Newman
The Transferability of Leadership Training in the East Asian Context - R I Westwood and Andrew Chan
Metaphors for Change - Craig L Pearce and Charles P Osmond
The ALPs Model of Change Management

Martin J. Gannon (Ph.D., Columbia University) is Professor of International Management and Strategy, College of Business Administration, California State University San Marcos. He is also Professor Emeritus, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland at College Park. At Maryland he held several administrative positions, including the Associate Deanship for Academic Affairs and the Founding Directorship of the Center for Global Business, and received the University International Landmark Award. Professor Gannon has authored, co-authored, or co-edited 80 articles and 17 books, including Paradoxes of Culture and Globalization (2008) , Handbook of Cross Cultural Management (2001), Dynamics of Competitive Strategy (1992), Managing without Traditional Methods: International Innovations in Human Resource Management (1996) and Ethical Dimensions of International Management (1997). Professor Gannon has been the Senior Research Fulbright Professor at the Center for the Study of Work and Higher Education in Germany and the John F. Kennedy/Fulbright Professor at Thammasat University in Bangkok, and has served as a visiting professor at several Asian and European universities. He has also been a consultant to many companies and government agencies. Professor Gannon has lived and worked in over 25 nations for various periods of time as a visiting professor, consultant, and trainer. For additional information on Professor Gannon, please visit his Homepage at California State University San Marcos: