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Shopping Experience

by Falk P and Campbell C SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Hbk 224 pages
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The last decade has witnessed a clear and steady rise of interest in consumer culture. Many commentators now argue that consumption rather than production is the axis of personal identity and meaningful social action. The situation reverses the traditional view that consumption is an incidental, trivial feature in contemporary culture.This shrewd and probing book seeks to theorize shopping as an autonomous realm. It aims to avoid the reductionism characteristics of economics and marketing. At the same time it aims to avoid the moralizing tone of many contemporary discussions of shopping and consumption. The book uses an interdisciplinary resource base and comparative data to build-up a convincing analysis of the meaning of shopping today. The book includes chapters by Mary Douglas on the importance of shopping; Daniel Miller on the cultural and theoretical significance of shopping; Mica Nava on women, the city and the department store; Rachel Bowlby on supermarket futures; Cecilia Fredriksson on the cultural construction of shopping; Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen and Pasi M[um]aenp[um]a[um]a on the ethnography of shopping; Colin Campbell on shopping, pleasure and the sex war; and Pasi Falk on the `scopic' regimes of shopping. The book also contains an appendix which gives a brief history and selected literature of shopping.The book provides the first comprehensive overview of the modern phenomenon of shopping. As such it should be essential reading for students and researchers working in the fields of sociology, cultural studies and anthropology.

Introduction - Colin Campbell and Pasi Falk In Defence of Shopping - Mary Douglas Could Shopping Ever Really Matter? - Daniel Miller Modernity's Disavowal - Mica Nava Women, the City and the Department Store Supermarket Futures - Rachel Bowlby The Making of a Swedish Department Store Culture - Cecilia Fredriksson Shopping in the East Centre Mall - Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen and Pasi Maenpaa Shopping, Pleasure and the Sex War - Colin Campbell and Paul Hewer The Scopic Regimes of Shopping - Pasi Falk Appendix: Research on Shopping - Paul Hewer and Colin Campbell A Brief History and Selected Literature

'Editors Pasi Falk and Colin Campbell provide a collection of hughly readable and engaging articles which help to move scholars toward greater emphasis on the practices associated with obtaining goods' - Area 'If cities are less the loci of production than they are of consumption, and class is being replaced by lifestyle, shopping certainly occupies a pivotal place in such changes. Falk and Campbell have assembled a fascinating set of essays to reflect the trend, written for the most part by sociologists and anthropologists, but which will be of much wider interest to all those concerned with the current urban condition.... There are some familiar arguments here, about the place of the shopping mall - the nature of which is explored in this volume - but, as familiar as they may have become, this hardly denies that we need to know a lot more about shopping and its meaning for different consumers. This book shows the directions such research should take and in a useful appendix an outline history and select bibliography are presented' - Urban Studies
Pasi Falk is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki