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Philosophy of Psychology

by O'Donohue W and Kitchener R zn SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Pbk 416 pages
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This major text provides the first comprehensive anthology of the key topics and current discussions arising in the philosophy of psychology.With the cognitive revolution of the 1960s, there has been a resurgence of interest in the study of the philosophical assumptions and implications of psychology. Several significant themes, such as the foundations of knowledge, behaviourism, rationality, emotion and cognitive science span both philosophy and psychology, and are covered here along with a wide range of issues in the fields of folk psychology, clinical psychology, neurophysiology and professional ethics.Bringing together a group of internationally renowned authors, including Herb Simon, Karl Pribram, Joseph Rychlak, Ullin T Place and Adolf Gr[um]unbaum, this volume offers a stimulating and informative addition to contemporary debate.The Philosophy of Psychology will be essential reading for students and academics in theoretical issues in psychology, philosophy of psychology, cognitive science, philosophy of mind and related courses.

Introduction PART ONE: EPISTEMOLOGY, PSYCHOLOGY OF SCIENCE AND THE FOUNDATIONS OF PSYCHOLOGY Naturalism and the Abandonment of Normativity - Harvey Siegel Psychology, Naturalized Epistemology and Rationality - Harold I Brown Social Epistemology and Psychology - Steve Fuller Psychology of Science - Michael E Gorman Genetic Epistemology and Cognitive Psychology of Science - Richard F Kitchener PART TWO: BEHAVIORISM, PSYCHOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY Behaviorism as Opposition to Cartesianism - Max Hocutt Quine's Behaviorism - Roger F Gibson Skinner's Theory of Theories - Richard F Kitchener Linguistic Behaviorism as a Philosophy of Empirical Science - Ullin T Place Skinner's Case for Radical Behaviorism - Richard Garrett Must Behavior Be Mechanistic? Modeling Nonmachines - Joseph F Rychlak PART THREE: COGNITIVE SCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY Computational Theories of Cognition - Herbert A Simon Troubles with Computationalism - Mark H Bickhard Toward a Naturalized Cognitive Science - C A Hooker A Framework for Cooperation between Philosophy and the Natural Sciences of Intelligent Systems Neurobehavioral Science, Neuropsychology and the Philosophy of Mind - Karl H Pribram Typical Emotions - Aaron Ben-Ze'ev 'Folk Psychology' and Its Implications for Psychological Science Introduction - Ullin T Place The Falsity of Folk Theories - Nick Chater and Mike Oaksford Implications for Psychology and Philosophy Does Science Underwrite Our Folk Psychology? - Barry C Smith Folk Psychology from the Standpoint of Conceptual Analysis - Ullin T Place On the Necessary Survival of Folk Psychology - Graham Richards Folk Psychology and Its Implications for Cognitive Science - Elizabeth R Valentine Discussion PART FOUR: CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY Is Psychoanalysis Viable? - Adolf Grunbaum The Value of Psychoanalytic Therapy - Edward Erwin A Question of Standards What Is an Irrational Belief? Rational-Emotive Therapy and Accounts of Rationality - William O'Donohue and Jason S Vass PART FIVE: ETHICS AND PSYCHOLOGY The Formation and Transformation of Values - Hugh Lacey and Barry Schwartz Prescriptions for Responsible Psychiatry - Joseph Agassi The Behavior Therapist's Dilemma - Jon Ringen Reflections on Autonomy, Informed Consent and Scientific Psychology Professional Codes of Ethics and Ongoing Moral Problems in Psychology - Karen Strohm Kitchener A Critical Examination of the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct - William O'Donohue and Richard Mangold

William T. O`Donohue is a licensed clinical psychologist and is widely recognized in the field for his proposed innovations in mental health service delivery, in treatment design and evaluation, and in knowledge of empirically supported cognitive behaviora