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Globalism, Nationalism, Tribalism: Bringing Theory Back In

by Paul James (Oz) SAGE Publications Ltd
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Pbk 392 pages
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'Paul James has written a magnificent account of the worlds current condition, one that highlights the complexities and contradictions with which people, communities, and nations must contend and that does so in a compelling and creative style. Stressing the interaction between global and local forces, his writing style is lively and compelling as well as peppered with a wide range of citations, from Womans Day to the Cambodian Daily (on the same page!)' - James N. Rosenau, University Professor of International Affairs, The George Washington University

Globalism, Nationalism, Tribalism establishes a new basis for understanding the changing nature of polity and community and offers unprecedented attention to these dominant trends. James charts the contradictions and tensions we all encounter in an era of increasing globalization, from genocide and terrorism to television and finance capital.

Globalism is treated as an uneven and layered process of spatial expansion, not simply one of disorder, fragmentation or rupture. Nor is it simply a force of homogenization.

Nationalism is taken seriously as a continuing and important formation of contemporary identity and politics. James rewrites the modernism theories of the nation-state without devolving into the postmodernist assertion that all is invention or surface gloss.

Tribalism is given the attention it has long warranted and is analyzed as a continuing and changing formation of social life, from the villages of Rwanda to the cities of the West.

Theoretically adept and powerfully argued, this is the first comprehensive analysis that brings these crucial themes of contemporary life together.

Introduction / Global Savage / RETURNING TO A THEORY OF SOCIAL FORMATION / Social Relations in Tension / Contending Approaches in Outline / Theory in the Shadow of Terror / RETHINKING FORMATIONS OF PRACTICE AND BEING / Constituting Customary Community / Communication and Exchange, Money and Writing / Time and Space, Calendars and Maps / Bodies and Symbols, Blood and Milk / REWRITING THE HISTORY OF THE PRESENT / State Formation / From Kingdoms and Empires to Nation-States / Nation Formation / From the Medieval to the Postmodern / Global Formation / From the Oecumene to Planet Exploitation / Conclusion / Principles for a Postnational World

"Drawing on sociology, political theory, anthropology, and history, James provides a compelling theoretical framework for understanding the current tension between polity and community. A significant contribution to the globalization literature. Good notes and references."
Paul James Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology