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Future of Global Conflict

by Bornschier V and Chase-Dunn SAGE Publications Ltd
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Pbk 320 pages
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For the last five hundred years the global political economy has evidenced boom and bust; long periods of peace as well as intense world wars. Will the cycles of boom and bust, peace and war, continue? Or have either long-term trends or recent changes so profoundly altered the structure of world systems that these cycles will end or take on a less destructive form?The Future of Global Conflict is a critical analysis of long-term trends and recent developments in the world systems. Contributors, including many noted international scholars, examine the question of future dominance of the core global systems and include comprehensive discussions of the economic, political and military role of the Pacific Rim, Japan and the former Soviet Union. The central question that inform The Future of Global Conflict are whether the historical sequence of the rise and fall of dominant powers be replaced by a new supranational structure of competition and co-operation in the next 25 years or whether the process of rivalry for domination end in a catastrophic global war.The Future of Global Conflic will be an essential reference for students of sociology and politics.

Introduction - Christopher Chase-Dunn and Volker Bornschier The Future of Hegemonic Rivalry in Perspective PART ONE: DIFFERENT PREDICTIONS FOR THE FUTURE From Leadership to Organization - George Modelski The Evolution of Global Politics The Next World War - Christopher Chase-Dunn and Bruce Podobnik World-System Cycles and Trends Beyond Cycles of Hegemony - Walter L Goldfrank Economic, Social and Military Factors Hegemonic Transition, West European Unification and the Future Structure of the Core - Volker Bornschier PART TWO: POST-WAR SHIFTS IN THE WORLD POLITICAL ECONOMY Global Cooperation or Rival Trade Blocs? - Gerd Junne Clashes of Life Spaces and Other Logics of Hegemonic Rivalry - Tieting Su Who Has the Most Fortune 500 Firms? A Network Analysis of Global Economic Competition, 1956-89 - Albert Bergesen and Roberto Fernandez Twenty-Fifty - John Borrego The Hegemonic Moment of Global Capitalism PART THREE: PROSPECTS FOR POTENTIAL FUTURE HEGEMONS Japan - A Hegemonic Power? Reflections on Economic Success and Possible Political Futures - Yasusada Yawata Germany, the United States and Future Intercore Conflict - Brigitte Schulz Future Hegemonic Rivalry between China and the West? - Erich Weede PART FOUR: LOOKING BACK AND AHEAD Hegemony and Bifurcation Points in World History - Terry Boswell Technological Change, Globalization and Hegemonic Rivalry - Volker Bornschier and Christopher Chase-Dunn