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Body in Culture, Technology and Society

by Chris Shilling SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Hbk 256 pages
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'Once in a while a manuscript stops you in your tracks... What we are offered here is no recovering of old ground but a step change in perspectives on "body matters" that is both innovative and of fundamental importance to anyone working on this sociological terrain...This text is groundbreaking and simply has to be read'

Introduction Classical Bodies Contemporary Bodies Working Bodies Sporting Bodies Musical Bodies Sociable Bodies Technological Bodies

Once in a while a manuscript stops you in your tracks... What we are offered here is no recovering of old ground but a step change in perspectives on "body matters" that is both innovative and of fundamental importance to anyone working on this sociological terrain...This text is groundbreaking and simply has to be readActa Sociologica

This is Shilling at his creative best…these are seminal observations of the classical theories drawn together as never before. Moreover, as a framework [this monograph] provides a genuinely new and fertile way of reconsidering not just classical sociology but contemporary

forms as wellSport, Education & Society

This is a comprehensive, theoretically sophisticated, and ambitious treatise on the body that draws from, and applies, both classical and contemporary sociological theory in a manner that is innovative and thought-provoking. This book is engaging and thought-provoking, but Shilling's greatest achievement is his ability to illustrate the importance and continued relevance of classical and contemporary sociological theory to real world concerns. It is a book worthy of widespread attention. It reinvigorated my interest in the sociological classics and contained countless nuggets of interesting information that led me to conclude that it would be a worthy book to recommend to a broad sociological audienceTeaching Sociology

Shilling's book (like his earlier The Body and Social Theory) is crucial reading…a further valuable contribution in a field where he has provided so muchTheory & Psychology

This is an impressive book by one of the leading social theorists working in the field of body studies. It provides a critical summation of theoretical and substantive work in the field to date, while also presenting a powerful argument for a corporeal realism in which the body is both generative of the emergent properties of social structure and a location of their effects. Its scope and originality make it a key point of reference for students and academics in body studies and in the social and cultural sciences more generallyIan Burkitt
Reader in Social Science, University of Bradford

Chris Shilling is as always a lucid guide through the dense thickets of the "sociology of the body", and his chapters on the fields of work, sport, eating, music and technology brilliantly show how abstract theoretical debates relate to the real world of people's livesStephen Mennell
University College Dublin

What I find very useful and without any doubt valuable, not only in Shilling's The Body in Culture, Technology and Society but in his work in general, is the breadth and profoundness of his discussion about the body…the style Shilling maintains is crucial for further development of the sociology of the body as a discipline, for it provides us with a rich intellectual environment about the bodySociology

For any colleague wanting to have a clear idea of how studies of the body can be empirically grounded as well as theoretically 'rich', Chris Shilling's The Body in Culture, Technology and Society , is the book to read. To my mind it offers the best account thus far of not only how social action is embodied and must be recognised as such but also of how social structures condition and shape embodied subjects in a variety of social arenas... This is wonderful insightful 'stuff' GÇô the ideas and intricate thoughts of a scholar such as Shilling who has been immersed in thinking about the complexities of the body in society as well as sociology for a number of yearsSociology of Health and Illness

I am Professor of Sociology at the University of Kentas School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research (SSPSSR). See the rest of the Sociology team.My main teaching interests are in the areas of the body in culture and society, and in sociological theory. PhD students are currently studying with me in areas such as the sociology of private spaces, tattooing, evangelical church membership, women's drinking, and sight loss.Becoming increasingly dissatisfied with cognitive conceptions of agency and identity, and disembodied models of structure, society and social relationships in the late 1980s, I began working on issues concerning the body and embodiment (in education, consumer culture and social and cultural theory), and since that time have become one of the main figures in the establishment of the interdisciplinary field of body studies.Issues relating to embodiment have become increasingly important across the social sciences and humanities and have stimulated a major reconstruction of disciplinary and inter-disciplinary work, as the limitations of linguistic turns have become apparent and as scholars interrogate, once again, issues pertaining to materiality. The generative, receptive, permeable and performative characteristics and capacities of embodied subjects and inter-corporeal relations are key to these concerns.My best known book is probably The Body and Social Theory (Sage Press, Theory, Culture and Society series, 1993) which has been translated widely. The second edition was published in 2003, and has also appeared in a number of different languages, and I completed the third edition recently which is scheduled for September 2012 publication.My other main books include:The Body in Culture, Technology and Society (Sage / TCS, 2005)Changing Bodies. Habit, Crisis and Creativity (Sage / TCS, 2008)Embodying Sociology (Editor, Blackwells / The Sociological Review Monograph Series, 2007)(with Philip A. Mellor) Re-forming the Body: Religion, Community, Modernity (Sage / TCS, 1997)(with Philip A. Mellor) The Sociological Ambition (Sage / TCS, 2001).I am the current editor of The Sociological Review Monograph Series.