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Work and Workers 3 Vol

by Cary L Cooper and William H Starbuck SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Hbk 1496 pages
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This is an exciting time for researchers who study work. Not only has work changed dramatically over the last half century, but further dramatic changes are continuing to occur today. Developing economies have become centres of manufacturing, while developed economies have shifted toward services, knowledge and information. New telecommunications technology has accelerated globalization. Workers have gained more education and information-processing skills, and knowledge workers and information workers have replaced manual production workers within manufacturing. New kinds of knowledge-intense and information-intense organizations have emerged that are devoted entirely to the production, processing and distribution of information. A lot has changed.

These three volumes map these changes and provide the seminal articles illustrating writing and research about ''work'' at the beginning of the new millennium.

Cary Cooper and Bill Starbuck, along with an advisory board of eminent scholras have arranged the articles in nine categories, in each of which some of the most influential articles have been chosen to offer researchers an excellent grounding in the warren of information on work and workers. The Editors provide a full introduction and a clear path through these sections, enabling the reader to achieve a coherent understanding of how work is changing, and how workers affect and are affected by these contexts

This collection will be an invalubale resource to academics and researchers in Business and Management, particularly Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Psychology, but equally indispensable for Industrial Sociology, the Sociology of Work.

Effects of Procedural and Distributive Justice on Reactions to Pay Raise Decisions - Robert Fogler and Mary A Konovsky
Organizational Justice - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Jerald Greenberg
Distributive and Procedural Justice as Predictors of Satisfaction with Personal and Organizational Outcomes - Dean B McFarlin and Paul D Sweeney
Tightening the Iron Cage - James R Barker
Concertive Control in Self-Managing Teams
The Conduct of Management and the Management of Conduct - P Du Gay, G Salaman and B Rees
Contemporary Managerial Discourse and the Constitution of the 'Competent' Manager
The Effects of Feedback Interventions on Performance - Avraham N Kluger and Angelo DeNisi
An Historical Review, a Meta-Analysis and a Preliminary Feedback Intervention Theory
Soft and Hard Models of Human Resource Management - Catherine Truss et al
A Reappraisal
Integrating Justice and Social Exchange - Suzanne S Masterson et al
The Differing Effects of Fair Procedures and Treatment on Work Relationships
Justice at the Millennium - Jason A Colquitt et al
A Meta-Analytic Review of 25 Years of Organizational Justice Research
Women and Minorities in Management - Ann M Morrison
Antecedents and Outcomes of Work-Family Conflict - Michael R Frone, Marcia Russell and M Lynne Cooper
Testing a Model of the Work-Family Interface
Being Different - Anne S Tsui, Terri D Egan and Charles A O'Reilly III
Relational Demography and Organizational Attachment
The Effects of Organizational Demographics and Social Identity on Relationships among Professional Women - Robin J Ely
Working Smarter and Harder - Charles A O'Reilly III and Jennifer A Chatman
A Longitudinal Study of Managerial Success
Race, Opportunity and Diversity of Social Circles in Managerial Networks - Herminia Ibarra
Person-Organization Fit - Amy L Kristof
An Integrative Review of Its Conceptualizations, Measurement and Implications
Self-Efficacy and Work-Related Performance - Alexander D Stajkovic and Fred Luthans
A Meta-Analysis
Unskilled and Unaware of It - Justin Kruger and David Dunning
How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments
The Congruence Myth - Howard E A Tinsley
An Analysis of the Efficacy of the Person-Environment Fit Model
The Wage Penalty for Motherhood - Michelle J Budig and Paula England
Validity and Utility of Alternative Predictors of Job Performance - John E Hunter and Ronda F Hunter
The People Make the Place - Benjamin Schneider
Linking Competitive Strategies with Human Resource Management Practices - Randall S Schuler and Susan E Jackson
The Validity and Utility of Selection Methods in Personnel Psychology - Frank L Schmidt and John E Hunter
Practical and Theoretical Implications of 85 Years of Research Findings
The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Turnover, Productivity and Corporate Financial Performance - Mark A Huselid
Human-Resource Bundles and Manufacturing Performance - John Paul Macduffie
Organizational Logic and Flexible Production Systems in the World Auto Industry
The Impact of Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance - Brian Becker and Barry Gerhart
Progress and Prospects
Modes of Theorizing in Strategic Human Resource Management - John E Delery and D Harold Doty
Tests of Universalistic, Contingency and Configurational Performance Predictions
HRM as Hologram - Tom Keenoy
A Polemic
Towards a 'European' Model of Human Resource Management - Chris Brewster
A Meta-Analysis and Conceptual Critique of Research on Role Ambiguity and Role Conflict in Work Settings - Susan E Jackson and Randall S Schuler
How Common Is Workplace Transformation and Who Adopts It? - Paul Osterman
Work Reorganization in an Era of Restructuring - Paul Osterman
Trends in Diffusion and Effects on Employee Welfare
Future Work Design Research and Practice - Sharon K Parker, Toby D Wall and John L Cordery
Towards an Elaborated Model of Work Design
Crafting a Job - Amy Wrzesniewski and Jane E Dutton
Revisioning Employees as Active Crafters of Their Work
Toward a Behavioral Theory of Charismatic Leadership in Organizational Settings - Jay A Conger and Rabindra N Kanungo
Relationship-Based Approach to Leadership - George B Graen and Mary Uhl-Bien
Development of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory of Leadership over 25 Years: Applying a Multi-Level Multi-Domain Perspective
Management Fashion - Eric Abrahamson
Effectiveness Correlates of Transformational Leadership - Kevin B Lowe, K Galen Kroeck and Nagaraj Sivasubramaniam
A Meta-Analytic Review of the MLQ Literature
Managerial Work Roles in Asia - Cecil A L Pearson and Samir R Chatterjee
An Empirical Study of Mintzberg's Role Formulation in Four Asian Countries
Goal-Setting and Task Performance - Edwin A Locke et al
Successful versus Effective Real Managers - Fred Luthans
Agency Theory - Kathleen M Eisenhardt
An Assessment and Review
New Trends in Rewards Allocation Preferences - Chao C Chen
A Sino-US Comparison
On the Folly of Rewarding A, while Hoping for B - Steven Kerr
Self-Determination Theory and the Facilitation of Intrinsic Motivation, Social Development and Well-Being - Richard M Ryan and Edward L Deci
Relationship of Personality to Performance Motivation - Timothy A Judge and Remus Ilies
A Meta-Analytic Review
Keeping an Eye on the Mirror - Jane E Dutton and Janet M Dukerich
Image and Identity in Organizational Adaptation
Organizational Images and Member Identification - Jane E Dutton, Janet M Dukerich and Celia V Harquail
Social Identity and Self-Categorization Processes in Organizational Contexts - Michael A Hogg and Deborah J Terry
Maintaining Masculinity - Ben Lupton
Men Who Do 'Women's Work'
The ASPIRe Model - Alexander S Haslam, Rachael A Eggins and Katherine J Reynolds
Actualizing Social and Personal Identity Resources to Enhance Organizational Outcomes
Time and Transition in Work Teams - Connie J G Gersick
Toward a New Model of Group Development
Work Group Demography, Social Integration and Turnover - Charles A O'Reilly III, David F Caldwell and William P Barnett
Relations between Work Group Characteristics and Effectiveness - Michael A Campion, Gina J Medsker and A Catherine Higgs
Implications for Designing Effective Work Groups
What Makes Teams Work - Susan G Cohen and Diane E Bailey
Group Effectiveness Research from the Shop-Floor to the Executive Suite
Collective Mind in Organizations - Karl E Weick and Karlene H Roberts
Heedful Interrelating on Flight Decks
Why Differences Make a Difference - Karen A Jehn, Gregory B Northcraft and Margaret A Neale
A Field Study of Diversity, Conflict and Performance in Workgroups
Exploring the Black Box - Lisa Hope Pelled, Kathleen M Eisenhardt and Katherine R Xin
An Analysis of Work Group Diversity, Conflict and Performance
Psychological Safety and Learning Behavior in Work Teams - Amy Edmondson