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Crimminal Justics and Crime Control (

by John Muncie SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Hbk 1176 pages
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This three-volume set of original (classic and contemporary) readings is designed to reveal the broad range of crime control strategies typically encountered in criminal justice systems worldwide. Such a collection is particularly timely not only because of growing concerns over the development of `new punitive' responses to offenders (mass incarceration; new cultures of control, surveillance and security; naming and shaming) but also because of the imperative to unravel the impact that the emergence of supranational legal orders and international standards is likely to have on questions of national sovereignty and the democratic accountability of the nation state. Volume One - outlines the many and varied competing conceptions of justice in national and international settings. Volume Two - explores the varied means of punishment and correction that currently make up the penal landscape. Volume Three - examines how crime prevention, risk assessment and crime science strategies are significantly extending the reach of criminal justice into everyday lives.

Volume One Visions of Justice PART ONE: CRIMINAL LAW AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE The Emergence of Criminal Justice - P Spierenberg Two Models of the Criminal Process - H L Packer Concepts of Criminal Justice - A J Ashworth Ideology in Criminal Procedure or a Third 'Model' of the Criminal Process - J Griffiths Theoretical Approches to Criminal Justice - M King PART TWO: CRIMINAL JUSTICE Criminal Justice in Capitalist Society - R Quinney Criminal Justice through the Looking Glass, or Winning by Losing - J Reiman Models of Justice - F Heidensohn Portia or Persephone? Some Thoughts on Equality, Fairness and Gender in the Field of Criminal Justice Beyond White Man's Justice - B Hudson Race, Gender and Justice in Late Modernity PART THREE: CONFLICT RESOLUTION Conflicts as Property - N Christie Sorting out Popular Justice - S E Merry The Contradictions of Informal Justice - R L Abel Fundamental Concepts of Restorative Justice - H Zehr and H Mika Peacemaking Primer - H Pepinsky PART FOUR: TRANSNATIONAL AND GLOBAL JUSTICE Transnational Policing and the Makings of a Postmodern State - J W E Sheptycki The Globalization of Crime and Criminal Justice - D Nelken How Penal Common Sense Comes to Europeans - L Wacquant Notes on the Transatlantic Diffusion of the Neo-Liberal Doxa Globalization, Human Rights and International Criminal Courts - W Morrison Volume Two State Punishment PART FIVE: RETRIBUTION AND DETERRENCE The Expressive Function of Punishment - J Feinberg The Principle of Commensurate Deserts - A von Hirsch Thinking about Crime - J Q Wilson The Debate over Deterrence Incapacitation and Imprisonment Policy - F E Zimring and G Hawkins The American Experiment in Imprisonment - C Murray PART SIX: CORRECTIONS Penal Strategies in a Welfare State - D Garland Crime and Punishment - American Friends Services Committee Community Corrections - A Scull Panacea, Progress or Pretence? What Works? Questions and Answers about Prison Reform - R Martinson Reaffirming Rehabilitation - F T Cullen and K E Gilbert Reasoning and Rehabilitation - R Ross, E Fabiano and C Ewles Reviewing What Works? Past, Present and Future - J McGuire and P Priestley PART SEVEN: THE NEW PUNITIVENESS Public Opinion and the Governance of Punishment in Democratic Political Systems - F E Zimring and D T Johnson Contemporary American Harshness - J Whitman Emotive and Ostentatious Punishment - J Pratt Volatile and Contradictory Punishment - P O'Malley Crime Control and Social Order - D Garland Volume Thre Risk, Prevention and Security PART EIGHT: ACTUARIAL JUSTICE The Ideological Effects of Actuarial Practices - J Simon Actuarial Justice - M Feeley and J Simon The Emerging New Criminal Law Risk, Power and Crime Prevention - P O'Malley PART NINE: SURVEILLANCE Panopticism - M Foucault Spaces of Surveillant Simulation - S Graham New Technologies, Digital Representations and Material Geographies Globalizing Surveillance - D Lyon Comparative and Sociological Perspectives Fortified Enclaves - T Caldeira The New Urban Segregation PART TEN: CRIME PREVENTION Introduction - R V Clarke Broken Windows - J Q Wilson and G Kelling Preventing Crime - L W Sherman et al What Works, What Doesn't, What's Promising Defining Crime Science - G Laycock Teetering on the Edge - G Hughes, E McLaughlin and J Muncie The Futures of Crime Control and Community Safety PART ELEVEN: GOVERNANCE, SECURITY AND SOCIAL CONTROL The Punitive City - S Cohen Notes on the Dispersal of Social Control Private Security - C Shearing and P Stenning Implications for Social Control Governing through Crime - J Simon Government and Control - N Rose Comparing the Governance of Safety in Europe - A Edwards and G Hughes A Geo-Historical Approach

John Muncie is Professor of Criminology at the Open University. He has published extensively on youth culture, youth justice and criminological theory.