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Learning on the Blog: Collected Posts for Educators and Parents

by Will Richardson Corwin Press
Pub Date:
Pbk 144 pages
AU$51.99 NZ$53.04
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Best-selling author Will Richardson's Learning on the Blog is a compilation of posts by the author on his acclaimed education blog Each blog specifically relates to trends and goals of the kinds of educational reform that can be accomplished through new technologies. The author reflects on the developments in how technology is used in the classroom, highlighting what we've accomplished and how far we have to go.

Introduction: Invitation to Participate in the Dialogue 1. Teachers as Master Learners 2. Personalizing Education for Teachers, Too 3. URGENT: 21st Century Skills for Educators (and Others) First 4. Why is it so Hard for Educators to Focus on Their Own Learning? 5. Teaching Ourselves Right Out of a Job 6. The Next Generation of Teachers 7. Teachers as Learners Part 27 8. Unlearning Teaching 9. What Did You Create Today? 10. Personalizing Education for Teachers, Too 11. Get. Off. Paper. 12. Opportunity, Not Threat 13. Response to Jay Matthews at the Washington Post Part Two: Learning is Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone 14. Learning is Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone 15. What do We Know About Our Kidsa Futures? Really? 16. Aggregator as Textbook 17. The Steep Unlearning Curve 18. What I Hate About Twitter 19. Itas the Empowerment, Stupid 20. So What is the Future of Schools? 21. The End of Books, for Me at Least 22. No, Actually Youare Out of Balance 23. Making Kids Googleable 24. I Never Knew I Could Have a Network Part Three: The Learner as Network 25. The Learner as Network 26. Social Learning 27. The Less You Share, the Less Power You Have 28. School as Node Part Four: Learning and Leadership 29. Learning and Leadership Do, Do, Do vs Donat, Donat, Donat 30. Transparency=Leadership 31. Yeah, Youave Got Problems. So Solve Them 32. Willing to Be Disturbed 33. Tinkering Toward Utopia 34. What Do We Do About That? 35. Whoas Asking? Part Five: Parent as Partner 36. Parent as Partner 37. Dear Kids, You Donat Have to Go to College 38. So Why Do You Only Give Your Kids 45-Minutes a Day on the Computer? 39. A Parent 2.0as Back to School Dilemma 40. A Summer Rant: Whatas Up With Parents? 41. Owning the Teaching...and the Learning 42. The Ultimate Disruption for Schools Part Six: The Bigger Shifts a Deal with It 43. The Bigger Shifts: Deal With It 44. Failing Our Kids 45. Why Blogging is Hard...Still 46. The Wrong Conversations

'An inspiration for innovative educators everywhere providing the big ideas and insights that transform the way we think about, discuss, and support student learning.' Lisa Nielsen, Author,The Innovative Educator Blog aLearning on the Blog is the single best place to start understanding how to take advantage of the power of social media, and the changes in teaching and learning that digital media have made possible. A great way to start cultivating your personal learning network is to read Will Richardsonas book, follow his blog, and follow him on Twitter.a Howard Rheingold, Lecturer
Will Richardson is an internationally known 'evangelist' for the use of Weblogs, RSS, and related Internet technologies in classrooms and schools. A classroom teacher for more than 20 years, he has integrated these technologies into his curricula and has spoken to thousands of educators on the merits of 'The Read/Write Web.' In various Weblog projects, his students have collaborated with best-selling authors, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, and students in classrooms from around the world. One of the first educator bloggers, Richardson's Weblog at has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Times, Syllabus (now Campus Technology), and other publications, and is a primary resource for the creation and implementation of Weblog technologies on the K-12 level. His articles have appeared in journals including Educational Leadership, English Journal, and Principal Leadership, and he has presented and given workshops about Weblogs, RSS, and other technologies at national conventions such as NECC, ASCD, Journalism Education Association, and many others. He is also a featured blogger at Ed Tech Insider ( and is a regular on the biweekly 'Ed Tech Coast to Coast Podcast' ( Richardson is currently the supervisor of instructional technology and communications at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ, where he also oversees a Weblog program of more than 400 sites.