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Mindful Bea and the Worry Tree

by Gail Silver Magination Press
Pub Date:
Hbk 32 pages
AU$28.99 NZ$29.56
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Bea is anxiously waiting for her friends to show up for her birthday party. The worries start to grow around her life tree branches. She asks herself questions like, "What if my friends don't like the games?"


Her stomach flip-flops and she feels shaky. She tries to run away from the thoughts in the worry tree, but it doesn't work!


Bea uses deep-breathing exercises and visualization techniques to calm herself down.


Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers by Ara Schmitt, PhD, about the ways in which kids can respond to their anxious thoughts.
“The latest gem from award-winning author, Gail Silver…This book is able to take a tough topic like anxiety and discuss the issue in an accessible fashion.” —BookTrib

“Worry is sometimes inevitable, Silver suggests, but learning relaxation techniques… can go a long way toward empowering readers.” —Publishers Weekly

“Addresses anxiety with mindfulness….brought to life in the watercolor-and-ink illustrations as long fronds of a malevolent willow tree that leave poor Bea in tangles….informative for parents.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Children who struggle with anxiety will be able to relate to Bea and find some of the strategies helpful. It can help a child realize they are not alone and that others have the same worrying thoughts.” —Oregon Coast Youth Book Preview Center

Mindful Bea and the Worry Tree checks all the boxes, for both parents and kids. It's relatable, engaging, and fun to read out loud--a requirement for a book that is sure to be in heavy rotation! This book is both a great story and a useful source of simple, effective strategies, including mindful breathing, heading outside, and slowing down and taking a break when you're feeling anxious or worried. The additional guidance at the end of the book will help parents and children utilize Bea's strategies throughout the day. I highly recommend this book for any family dealing with anxiety or stress, which, if we're honest, is all of us.” —Carla Naumburg, PhD, LICSW, author of Ready, Set, Breathe: Practicing Mindfulness with Your Children for Fewer Meltdowns and a More Peaceful Family (New Harbinger, 2015)

“This very sweet and playful book offers children (and parents) deep wisdom for befriending anxiety, or as I like to say “having your feelings without your feelings having you”. Put simply this is the practice of bringing gentle awareness to emotion without allowing emotion to overwhelm us and have us say or do things we regret. With simple, rhyming, humor, the book offers readers of all ages the invaluable skill of breathing through moments of emotional intensity.”
—Amy Saltzman, MD, author of A Still Quiet Place: A Mindfulness Program for Teaching Children and Adolescents to Ease Stress and Difficult Emotions

Mindful Bea and the Worry Tree is a beautifully written, empowering book for children in which the main character, Bea, experiences all-too-common anxiety making even a traditionally fun and exciting experience (her own birthday party!) feel worrisome and overwhelming. Recalling how her mindful breathing can help, she pauses to calm her mind and body then moves on to enjoy her party. With its whimsical illustrations, lyrical word choices, and clear guidance for parents and caregivers, this book belongs on the bookshelf of all classrooms, homes and pediatric counseling offices.”
—Lisa Flynn, founder of ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms, author of Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards; Yoga for Children: 200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises, and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children; and Yoga for Children—Yoga Cards: 50+ Yoga and Mindfulness Activities for Kids

“A common challenge that inflicts so many of our children and a very simple, practical and effective way to turn it all around. Gail Silver calms anxiety with breath and focus, powerful tools that we all have but are not typically offered as a remedy. Children will love how Bea calms her nerves and shifts her anxiety one breath and one thoughtful moment at a time. Parents will love sharing this with their children to open up the conversation about anxiety while also sharing great strategies.”
—Allison Morgan, Founder of Zensational Kids

“Meaningful life lesson in such a fun and relatable story! The kids really liked Mindful Bea and the Worry Tree because they could relate so well to this lovable character and her worries. It doesn't dwell on instruction, which can become boring, but offers its lesson gently, making this a readable, engaging book that normalizes kids worries. I'm so thrilled to have this on my bookshelf!”
—Hunter Clarke-Fields, author of Raising Good Humans and host of the Mindful Mama Podcast
Gail Silver is the founder of Yoga Child and The School Mindfulness Project Inc., is a contributing writer to Lion's Roar Magazine, a screenwriter of the animated film Planting Seeds of Mindfulness, and author of the award winning Anh's Anger children's book trilogy.  Gail travels nationally and internationally to facilitate yoga and mindfulness based education.  She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.