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Visual Methods in Social Research 2ed

by Marcus Banks and David Zeitlyn SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Hbk 208 pages
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The second edition of this popular text confirms the book and rsquo;s status as an important forerunner in the field of visual methods. Combining the theoretical, practical and technical the authors discuss changing technologies, the role of the internet and the impact of social media. Presenting an interdisciplinary guide to visual methods they explore both the creation and interpretation of visual images and their use within different methodological approaches. This clear, articulate book is full of practical tips on publishing and presenting the results of visual research and how to use film and photographic archives. This book will be an indispensable guide for anyone using or creating visual images in their research.

The trouble with pictures
An introductory example
Unnatural vision
Reading narratives
Formal readings
Planning a research project with visual methods
On Television
Visual forms produced I: representations of society
Interpreting Forest of Bliss
Still and moving images
Visual forms produced II: representations of knowledge
Diagrams of Nuer lineages
Visual forms encountered
Encountering 'indigenous' media
The image as evidence
'Us' and 'them'?
Object and representation
The materiality of visual forms
Displaying family photographs
Exchanged goods
Market exchange
Size matters
Transformations: digitisation and computer-based media
Digital manipulation
Digital pornography: constraining the virtual
Digital pornography: exchange and circulation
Silk thread to plastic bags
Researching image use and production in social contexts
Watching television
Soap opera in India and Egypt
Television as social presence
Doing things with photographs and films
Photo-elicitation with archival images
Photo-elicitation with contemporary images
Learning from photo-elicitation
Working with archival material
Photographic archives and picture libraries
Film archives
Creating images for research
A ladder climbed then discarded
Documentary exploration
Documentary control
Collaborative projects
Indigenous media collaborations
Collaborative after effects
Ethics and visual research
Ethical review
Returning images
Presenting photographs
The photographic essay
Presenting ethnographic and other films
Study guides and other contextualisation
Databases and digital images
Can computer see?
Multimedia projects
Interacting with Yanomamo
The state of visual research
The place of visual research
The nature of visual research

The book sets out to provide views from an anthropological base, in relation to the visual, that would be useful for researchers across diverse disciplines such as sociology, education, health, and cultural geography. The first edition of Visual Methods in Social Research was presented to readers where the visual path was less travelled, now it has become a path far more travelled, across disciplines and approaches. For this reason, a second edition was timely and I am sure that it will provide a useful map and guide for students, researchers and practitioners who incorporate visual materials in their projects. ????????????????????? ???????????
Visual anthropology and ethnographic film, Indian urban society and Jainism; ethnicity; research methods and computing.Following earlier research in India and the UK on the social organization of the Jain community, and later on anthropological theories of ethnicity, Marcus Banks has spent the last few years conducting research in the area of visual anthropology. Recent research interests include the history of a small city in western India, cinematographic practice in Colonial India, the history of ethnographic film, and the development of robust visual research methodologies. His current research is on the interpretation of forensic imagery. With Andre Gingrich (Vienna) he recently co-edited a book on neo-nationalism in Europe, and he is co-editing a book on the current astate of playa in visual anthropology with Jay Ruby (Temple). Sage published his second book on visual research methods in 2007, and the next two years will see a series of books on visual and material anthropology published by Berg under his editorship.