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Marketing in China

by Yonggui Wang SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Hbk 1304 pages
AU$1,170.00 NZ$1,206.09
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Modern marketing was introduced to China in the 1990s by the Western powers of North America and Europe. However, the approaches taken in China have been greatly influenced by the country's unique characteristics and its political and economic environment.  


Using a range of academic papers from the top journals in the field, the collection's Editor, Professor Yonggui Wang, explores these connections and variances. Split across four volumes, this collection brilliantly charts the development of marketing in China over the last thirty years, from its birth to the boom of the present day.

Chinese Consumers' Evaluation of Foreign Products: The Influence of Culture, Product Types and Product Presentation Format - Yong Zhang
Emerging Lifestyles in China and Consequences for Perception of Advertising, Buying Behaviour and Consumption Preferences - Ran Wei
The Animosity Model of Foreign Product Purchase: An Empirical Test in the People's Republic of China - Jill Klein, Richard Ettenson and Marlene Morris
Marketing and Negotiating in the People's Republic of China: Perceptions of US Businessmen Who Attended the Canton Fair - James Brunner and George Taoka
Chinese Cultural Values: Their Dimensions and Marketing Implications - Oliver Yau
Advertising, Propaganda, and Value Change in Economic Development: The New Cultural Revolution in China and Attitudes toward Advertising - Richard Pollay, David Tse and Zheng-Yuan Wang
Cultural Values Reflected in Chinese and U.S. Television Commercials - Hong Cheng and John Schweitzer
Controllable Factors of New Product Success: A Cross-National Comparison - Roger Calantone, Jeffrey Schmidt and X. Michael Song
Differences in "Cultural Values?? and Their Effects on Responses to Marketing Stimuli: A Cross-Cultural Study between Australians and Chinese from the People's Republic of China - Anthony Chun-Tung Lowe and David Corkindale
Guanxi: Connections as Substitutes for Formal Institutional Support - Katherine Xin and Jone Pearce
A Relationship Marketing Approach to Guanxi - José Gómez Arias
Does Culture Matter? A Cross-Cultural Study of Executives' Choice, Decisiveness, and Risk Adjustment in International Marketing - David Tse, Kam-hon Lee, Ilan Vertinsky and Donald Wehrung
Partner Selection and Venturing Success: The Case of Joint Ventures with Firms in the People's Republic of China - Yadong Luo
Selling Machinery to China: Chinese Perceptions of Strategies and Relationships - Norman McGuinness, Nigel Campbell and James Leontiades
Gift Giving in Hong Kong and the Continuum of Social Ties - Annamma Joy
Executive Insights: Emerging Market Segments in a Transitional Economy: A Study of Urban Consumers in China - Geng Cui and Qiming Liu
The Impact of Order and Mode of Market Entry on Profitability and Market Share - Yigang Pan, Shaomin Li and David Tse
The Market Orientation of Chinese Enterprises during a Time of Transition - Shengliang Deng and Jack Dart
Executive Insights: Marketing Strategy in Emerging Markets: The Case of China - Peter Walters and Saeed Samiee
Managing Direct Selling Activities in China: A Cultural Explanation - Sherriff Luk, Lorna Fullgrabe and Stephen Li
Product Stereotypes, Strategy and Performance Satisfaction: The Case of Chinese Exporters - Lance Brouthers and Kefeng Xu
Creating Local Brands in Multilingual International Markets - Shi Zhang and Bernd Schmitt
Relationship Marketing in China: Guanxi, Favoritism and Adaptation - Y. Wong and Ricky Chan
Managerial Ties and Firm Performance in a Transition Economy: The Nature of a Micro-Macro Link - Mike Peng and Yadong Luo
When Does Trust Matter? Antecedents and Contingent Effects of Supervisee Trust on Performance in Selling New Products in China and the United States - Kwaku Atuahene-Gima and Haiyang Li
Antecedents of Green Purchases: A Survey in China - Ricky Chan and Lorett Lau
E-commerce in China: Changing Business as We Know It - George Haley
When Does Culture Matter? Effects of Personal Knowledge on the Correction of Culture-based Judgments - Donnel Briley and Jennifer Aaker
The Effects of Strategic Orientations on Technology and Market-based Breakthrough Innovations - Kevin Zheng Zhou, Chi Kin Yim and David Tse
Resolving the Capability–Rigidity Paradox in New Product Innovation - Kwaku Atuahene-Gima
Market Share Performance of Foreign and Domestic Brands in China - Gerald Gao, Yigang Pan, David Tse and Chi Kin Yim
When Does Guanxi Matter? Issues of Capitalization and Its Dark Sides - Flora Gu, Kineta Hung and David Tse
Drivers of Success for Market Entry into China and India - Joseph Johnson and Gerard Tellis
Market Orientation, Job Satisfaction, Product Quality, and Firm Performance: Evidence from China - Kevin Zheng Zhou, Julie Li, Nan Zhou and Chenting Su
Guanxi, Trust, and Long-Term Orientation in Chinese Business Markets - Don Lee and Philip Dawes
Back from the Brink: Why Customers Stay - Mark Colgate, Vicky Tong, Christina Lee and John Farley
When Does the Service Process Matter? A Test of Two Competing Theories - Michael Hui, Xiande Zhao, Xiucheng Fan and Kevin Au
An Integrated Framework for Service Quality, Customer Value, Satisfaction: Evidence from China's Telecommunication Industry - Yonggui Wang, Hing-Po Lo and Yongheng Yang
Service Loyalty: An Integrative Model and Examination across Service Contexts - Xiaoyun Han, Robert J. Kwortnik, Jr and Chunxiao Wang
Determinants of Chinese Hotel Customers' E-satisfaction and Purchase Intentions - Woo Gon Kim, Xiaojing Ma and Dong Jin Kim
Conscious and Nonconscious Components of Superstitious Beliefs in Judgment and Decision Making - Thomas Kramer and Lauren Block
Politicizing Consumer Culture: Advertising's Appropriation of Political Ideology in China's Social Transition - Xin Zhao and Russell Belk
Relational Ties or Customized Contracts? An Examination of Alternative Governance Choices in China - Kevin Zhou, Laura Poppo and Zhilin Yang
How Do Price Fairness Perceptions Differ across Culture? - Lisa Bolton, Hean Tat Keh and Joseph Alba
Harmonization Processes and Relational Meanings in Constructing Asian Weddings - Thuc-Doan Nguyen and Russell Belk
Interpersonal Influence as an Alternative Channel Communication Behavior in Emerging Markets: The Case of China - Chenting Su, Zhilin Yang, Guijun Zhuang, Nan Zhou and Wenyu Dou
Dealing with Institutional Distances in International Marketing Channels: Governance Strategies that Engender Legitimacy and Efficiency - Zhilin Yang, Chenting Su and Kim-Shyan Fam
Observer Effects of Punishment in a Distribution Network - Danny Wang, Flora Gu and Maggie Dong
Firm Value Creation through Major Channel Expansions: Evidence from an Event Study in the United States, Germany and China - Christian Homburg, Josef Vollmayr and Alexander Hahn
The Use of Western Brands in Asserting Chinese National Identity - Lily Dong and Kelly Tian
Cultural Orientation and Brand Dilution: Impact of Motivation Level and Extension Typicality - Sharon Ng
Is Product Imitation Good for Firm Performance? An Examination of Product Imitation Types and Contingency Factors - Ruby Lee and Kevin Zheng Zhou
McDonald's and KFC in China: Competitors or Companions? - Qiaowei Shen and Ping Xiao
The Effects of Business and Political Ties on Firm Performance Evidence from China - Shibin Sheng, Kevin Zheng Zhou and Julie Li
How Foreign Firms Curtail Local Supplier Opportunism in China: Detailed Contracts, Centralized Control, and Relational Governance - Kevin Zheng Zhou and Dean Xu
Other-customer Failure: Effects of Perceived Employee Effort and Compensation on Complainer and Non-complainer Service Evaluations - Wen-Hsien Huang
"Tailoring?? Customization Services- Effects of Customization Mode and Consumer Regulatory Focus - Yonggui Wang, Jay Kandampully and He (Michael) Jia
A Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Analysis of Social Networking Services Continuance - Huanhuan Cao, Jinhu Jiang, Lih-Bin Oh, Hao Li, Xiuwu Liao and Zhiwu Chen

Yonggui Wang
University of International Business & Economics, China