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Sexual Victimization: Then and Now

by Tara N Richards and Cathy M Marcum SAGE Publications, Inc
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Pbk 264 pages
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This text is contributed by well-known researchers in the field and serves as an important resource to provide scholars with up-to-date research on sexual victimization. The book approaches the concept through three separate sections Section I: Chapters 1 through 4 will address how the criminal justice system handles sexual victimization. Section II: Chapters 5 through 9 will address the association between individuals in a relationship and sexual assault. Finally, Section III: Chapters 10 through 13 will address unusual and special issues associated with contemporary sexual victimization. This approach offers students and scholars a comprehensive examination of the sexual victimization issues and challenges currently facing the criminal justice system in the past and today. By discussing these issues, the theoretical explanations for these crimes and the effectiveness of the policy that has been applied will effectively link the criminological areas of theory, research and policy. At the end of each chapter several discussion questions will be provided. These questions could be assigned as homework for students or used for in-class discussions of the readings

CHAPTER 1. State Variations on Defining Sexual Assault Amanda Burgess-Proctor and Christopher G. Urban
CHAPTER 2. Legislative Origins, Reforms, and Future Directions Lane Kirkland Gillespie and Laura King
CHAPTER 3. Victim Treatment by the Criminal Justice System Shelly Clevenger
CHAPTER 4. Sexual Harassment Tammatha L. Clodfelter
CHAPTER 5. Sexual Victimization Among Intimates Tara N. Richards and Lauren Restivo
CHAPTER 6. Sexual Victimization on College Campuses Leah E. Daigle, Sadie Mummert, Bonnie S. Fisher, and Heidi Scherer
CHAPTER 7. The Fine Line Between Statutory Rape and Consensual Relationships Sarah Koon-Magnin
CHAPTER 8. Sexual Victimization Online Kelsey Becker and Catherine D. Marcum
CHAPTER 9. Victimization of the Vulnerable Tammy Garland and Christina Policastro
CHAPTER 10. Same-Sex Victimization and the LGTBQT Community Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz
CHAPTER 11. Sexual Victimization in the United States Military Jamie A. Snyder and Heidi L. Scherer
CHAPTER 12. Sexual Victimization of the Disputed Victim Joan A. Reid

'In these articles, authors chronicle the advances that have been made in their area of coverage. In addition, they map out matters that remain in need of further consideration.' Russ Immarigeon
Tara N. Richards Appalachian State University
Catherine D. Marcum Appalachian State University