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Explorations in Classical Sociological Theory: Seeing the Social World 4ed

by Kenneth Allan and Sarah Daynes SAGE Publications, Inc
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Pbk 368 pages
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Continually praised for its conversational tone, personal examples, and helpful pedagogical tools, the Fourth Edition of Explorations in Classical Sociological Theory: Seeing the Social World is organized around the modern ideas of progress, knowledge, and democracy. With a historical thread woven throughout the chapters, the text presents a diverse selection of major classical theorists including Marx, Spencer, Durkheim, Weber, Mead, Simmel, Martineau, Gilman, Douglass, Du Bois, Parsons, and the Frankfurt School. Authors Kenneth Allan and Sarah Daynes focus on the specific views of each theorist, rather than schools of thought, and highlight modernity and postmodernity to help readers understand how classical sociological theory applies to their lives.



Chapter 1: Beginning to See: A Sociological Core
The Making of Modernity and the Modern Way of Knowing
The Birth of Sociology: August Comte
Chapter 2: Seeing Society for the First Time
The Sociological Imagination of Herbert Spencer
Spencer's Sociological Imagination: Functionalism
Concepts and Theory: Social Evolution
Concepts and Theory: Social Institutions
Thinking about Modernity and Postmodernity
Chapter 3: Class Inequality
The Sociological Imagination of Karl Marx
Marx's Sociological Imagination: Critical Conflict Theory
Concepts and Theory: The Contradictions of Capitalism
Concepts and Theory: Class Revolution
Concepts and Theory: The Problem of Ideology and Consciousness
Thinking About Modernity and Postmodernity
Chapter 4 Diversity and Social Solidarity
The Sociological Imagination of Émile Durkheim
Durkheim's Perspective: Cultural Sociology
Concepts and Theory: Primal Society
Concepts and Theory: Social Diversity and Moral Consensus
Concepts and Theory: Individualism
Thinking About Modernity and Postmodernity
Chapter 5: Rationality and Organization
The Sociological Imagination of Max Weber
Weber's Sociological Imagination
Concepts and Theory: The Process of Rationalization
Concepts and Theory: The Evolution of Religion
Concepts and Theory: The Rise of Capitalism
Concepts and Theory: Class, Authority, and Social Change
Concepts and Theory: Rational-Legal Organization
Thinking About Modernity and Postmodernity
Chapter 6: The Modern Person
George Herbert Mead—Symbolic Interaction
Georg Simmel—Formal Sociology
Thinking About Modernity and Postmodernity
Chapter 7: Seeing Gender
Waves of Feminism
Harriet Martineau—Gender and Democracy
Charlotte Perkins Gilman—The Evolution of Gender
Chapter 8: Seeing Race
Race Literature
Frederick Douglass—The American Discourse of Race
W. E. B. Du Bois—The Culture of Race
Gender and Race: Thinking About Modernity and Postmodernity
Chapter 9: Seeing Ahead
Talcott Parsons: Defining Sociology
The Frankfurt School: Critiquing Modernity

“[Explorations in Classical Sociology Theory] makes accessible to undergraduates rather difficult material. [It] sets theories in the context of major conceptual frameworks and orientations [and] offers contemporary interpretations and applications.”

Kenneth Allan is Professor of Sociology at U.N.C-Greensboro, where he teaches and researches in the areas of sociological theory, social psychology, American individualism and citizenship. social media and the self, and religion and culture. He is the author of four sociological theory texts for SAGE: The Social Lens: An Invitation to Social and Sociological Theory; Contemporary Social and Sociological Theory: Visualizing Social Worlds; Explorations in Classical Sociological Theory: Seeing the Social World; and A Primer in Social and Sociological Theory: Toward a Sociology of Citizenship. Sarah Daynes is Associate Professor at U.N.C. Greensboro. Her research focuses on the history of sociological theory, and she teaches courses on theory, cultural sociology, ethnographic methods, and sociology of knowledge.