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Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research 5ed

by Richard A Krueger and Mary Anne Casey SAGE Publications, Inc
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Spb 280 pages
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This updated edition of Krueger and Casey’s bestselling, practical book walks readers step by step through the 'how-tos' of conducting focus group research. Using an engaging, straightforward writing style, the authors draw on their many years of hands-on experience in the field to cut through theory and offer practical guidance on every facet of the focus group process, including tips for avoiding problems and pitfalls. The Fifth Edition reflects the most recent research and technological innovations and includes new coverage on planning with analysis in mind; creating conversational questions that have the potential for producing unique and valuable insights; the art of hosting a focus group; common sense thinking about reporting; more efficient strategies for planning the study; and emerging areas of focus group research, such as conducting cross-cultural, international, and Internet focus groups.


• Expanded discussion of analysis includes practical tips on keeping it manageable and new material on planning for analysis, the sequence of steps involved in analysis, and appropriate analytic frameworks.
• New insights on developing effective questions, especially questions that evoke discussion and engage the participants, prepare readers to conduct their own successful focus groups.
• Updated coverage of Internet focus group research includes new information on planning, technical help, and the use of online groups.
• Expanded coverage helps readers grasp the importance of hosting the focus group.
• A new emphasis on planning focus group studies with analysis in mind helps readers avoid the pitfall of considering analysis as an afterthought rather than as an important upfront consideration.


• Practical coverage on deliberate listening, moderating skills, results analysis, adapting and modifying focus groups to specific audiences and environments, and measuring the quality of the research gained from such groups prepares readers to plan and conduct their own focus groups.
• The book explains the differences among various approaches to focus groups, including market research, academic, nonprofit, and participatory groups.
• Engaging coverage of issues that researchers and evaluators often struggle with includes how to write good questions, how to get people to show up, how to handle dominant or shy participants, and how to make sense of all that data.
• Examples, tips, and cautionary notes help readers avoid problems at every stage of the process.

PREFACEACKNOWLEDGEMENTS1. Overview of Focus Groups2. Planning The Focus Group Study3. Developing a Questioning Route4. Participants in a Focus Group5. Moderating Skills6. Analyzing Focus Group Results7. Reporting8. Focus Group Research9. Focus Group Interviewing with Young People10. International and Cross-Cultural Focus Group Interviewing11. Telephone and Internet Focus Group Interviewing12. Focus Group Interviewing Within the Organization13. Modifications of Focus Groups14. Answering Questions About the Quality of Focus Group Research

"An excellent 'focused' book on focus groups – anyone who reads this book can pretty much kickstart their own focus group research."
Richard Krueger, PhD., is a professor emeritus and senior fellow at the University of Minnesota. He spent 25 years with the University of Minnesota Extension Service serving as evaluation leader. Now he teaches qualitative research methods and program evaluation at the University of Minnesota. Although trained as a quantitative researcher, he was drawn to qualitative research. He has spent the last 30 years learning about, practicing, and teaching focus group interviewing. Mary Anne Casey, Ph.D., is a consultant to government agencies and nonprofit organizations. She helps them design and conduct individual and group interviews as a way of listening to their employees and customers. The information is typically used to plan and evaluate programs. She has previously worked with the Kellogg Foundation, the University of Minnesota, and the State of Minnesota.