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Assessment 3.0: Throw Out Your Grade Book and Inspire Learning

by Mark Barnes Corwin Press
Pub Date:
Pbk 152 pages
AU$46.99 NZ$47.82
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This book is a deeper dive into and a follow up to a system initially introduced in the author's first book. The author's SE2R system is already successfully in use with a number of teachers and is the basis for this new look at classroom assessment. This book will clearly outline SE2R and offer clear steps to implementation along with case studies, models, strategies, and tips.

Appendix A- Feedback From the Field contains a number of quotes from educators using this system successfully and Appendix B is a Quick Reference Guide to processes and terms in the book.

Chapter 1: The Trouble With Assessment 2.0
Chapter 2: When 2 + 2 Doesn't Equal 4
Chapter 3: SE2R–A Formula for Change
Chapter 4: Coppell Middle School East
Chapter 5: Involving Students
Chapter 6: Feedback in a Digital World
Chapter 7: Tips for Success
Appendix A: Feedback From the Field
Appendix B: SE2R Feedback Quick-Reference Guide
Appendix C: SE2R Feedback You Can Use Today

'This book could turn the teaching community on its ear! A new way to assess students without letters or numbers and mdash;a novel approach to grades.' Diane Callahan, Retired Teacher 'As an educator working with the district office, I am given many different books to read throughout the school year. Some are rather dry and have too much technical information. This book was an easy, enjoyable read. The cases and and ldquo;real world and rdquo; aspect of the way the book was written made me want to try this form of grading in a classroom tomorrow. School districts across the country have turned to standards based instruction, standards based report cards and Assessment 3.0 is the next logical step to grading.' Shelly Miedona, Math Coach 'This text contains outstanding resources for communicating to stakeholders who care about how assessment systems can impact student behaviors and performances.If you are interested in changing how students and teachers view traditional grading systems, this book is a must read.Assessment 3.0 can be a revolutionary tool.' D. Allan Bruner, National Board Certified Teacher 'Mark has done something important in writing this book. He argues--clearly and with hope--for specific, actionable change right now in our early 21st century classrooms. Here's the potential, here's the problem, and here's a way forward. This is a practical model for ed reform in general. Assessment 3.0 illuminates the ample underbelly of traditional education practice by shining a floodlight on one of the most powerful icons--and relics--of its past: the letter grade. Rather than simply criticizing grades as 'harmful,' Mark presents a compelling case for the impact of grading practices on how students learn, and in doing so maintains focus on the reason we're all here--students and learning. A recurring theme throughout the book is one of practice and application--honest assessment of what works, and ideas for making it happen. The book is, then, imminently useful for any educator--those wanting to think about their craft, and those simply looking for ideas for tomorrow morning. In that way, there can't be higher praise.' Terry Heick, Director of TeachThought 'I loved every single concept, proposal, and piece of advice in Mark Barnes latest book, Assessment 3.0: How to Throw Out Your Grade Book and Revolutionize Learning. Do you want a vision to revolutionize our relationships with students? Read the book. Do you want a blueprint for how you, as a teacher or administrator, can create a learning environment that nurtures high functioning citizens? Read the book. Do you want a class structured so that each child is academically challenged, and supported to meet challenges? Read the book. And if you don't want any of those lofty goals, please find another line of work and refrain from making comments about testing and unions and what you think should happen in our schools. Barnes joins the ranks of of educators, who through his words and actions, is saying, 'We are now the means of extraordinary changes in our schools.'' Jeffrey Benson, Author, Hanging In: Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us Most
Mark Barnes is a veteran classroom teacher, education consultant, and author of the critically acclaimed Role Reversal: Achieving Uncommonly Excellent Results in the Student-Centered Classroom (ASCD, 2013), The 5-Minute Teacher (ASCD, 2013) and Teaching the iStudent (Corwin, 2014). A longtime adjunct professor at two Ohio colleges, Mark has created five online courses on web-based instruction, mobile learning, and using Twitter in the classroom and as a professional development tool. A leading expert on student-centered learning, Mark has helped thousands of educators build digitally enhanced, project-based, no-grades classrooms. Mark is the creator of the internationally recognized how-to video site for educators, Learn it in 5, and publisher of the popular education blog Brilliant or Insane. Named a Top 10 education technology blog by EdTech Magazine in 2014, B or I inspires hundreds of thousands of loyal readers. Markas Facebook group, Teachers Throwing Out Grades, is a growing collection of educators dedicated to changing the way learning is assessed, and this group helped launch the #ThrowOutGrades Challenge. Mark can be found sharing information and articles about best practices in education daily on Twitter at @markbarnes19.