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Guiding Teams to Excellence With Equity: Culturally Proficient Facilitation

by John Krownapple Corwin Press
Pub Date:
Pbk 352 pages
AU$69.00 NZ$72.17
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This book provides equity leaders with the requisite knowledge, skills, and dispositions for facilitating Cultural Proficiency. It includes a powerful, running vignette that illustrates common challenges, principles, and practical solutions and focuses on mental models for managing group energy.  Grounded in a systems model for personal and organizational transformation, the book provides facilitators with a range of tools for planning culturally proficient professional learning experiences.

Foreword by Randall B. Lindsey
About the Author
Part I: Why - An Effective Approach to Excellence with Equity
1. Why me? Why this? Why now?
2. Assumptions About the Approach
3. An Environment of Authentic Engagement
4. A Process of Transformation
5. An Emergent Approach to Change
6. Internal Capacity for the Work
7. A Paradigm Shift: Presenter to Facilitator
Part II: How - Cultural Proficiency
8. The Cultural Proficiency Framework (The Content)
9. The Cultural Proficiency Journey (The Process)
Part III: What - Culturally Proficient Facilitation
10. Facilitation and Cultural Proficiency
11. Assessing Culture
12. Valuing Diversity
13. Managing the Dynamics of Difference
14. Adapting to Diversity
15. Institutionalizing Cultural Knowledge
16. Your Professional Learning Plan for Culturally Proficient Facilitation

"When embarking on a new journey, having an expert guide to lead the way instills the traveler with the courage needed to successfully reach the goal set before them. John Krownapple is the expert guide for those starting to lead the cultural proficiency journey for the school, school system, or organization for which they serve. Guiding Teams to Excellence With Equity clearly outlines how to effectively navigate self and others through the personal work involved with self-discovery and a deeper appreciation of others. Each part of his guide explains the emotions of those asked to take part in cultural proficiency work, how to meaningfully explain what cultural proficiency is and is not, and how to facilitate cultural proficiency sessions.

The fictional telling of Jack McManus' story is a story that the reader connects with; all they need to do is replace Jack's name with their own. Cultural proficiency is the understanding of one's story so that they can understand others' stories. In a meaningful way, John Krownapple illustrates the importance of sharing one's story by allowing us to see and feel Jack's journey.

Guiding Teams to Excellence With Equity is a guide I wish was at my disposal when I first started as a cultural proficiency leader. But, like all good things, it came at just the right time; it will be used to help strengthen my ability to effectively facilitate professional learning for those just starting their journey. It is a guide I will share with new leaders as they begin their work with cultural proficiency."
John Krownapple specializes in raising the cross-cultural effectiveness of clients. Since 2005, he has facilitated cultural proficiency for groups. Since 2007, he has led the development and implementation of one the first and most comprehensive cultural proficiency programs in the United States. John continues to administer this program for the Howard County Public School System (MD) in his role of Coordinator for Cultural Proficiency. John brings a decade's worth of successful culturally proficient facilitation experience to this project. He has used the cultural proficiency framework with school system staff groups, system partners, community leaders, government officials, students, and families. Results of Mr. Krownapple's professional and organizational development leadership include: Increased cultural competence of staff - Seminar participants reported statistically significant positive increases in cultural competence. (HCPSS BTE 2010 Master Plan Annual Update, p.167) Innovations that facilitate cultural proficiency - Krownapple led the development of numerous rubrics to guide systemic improvement of practices and policies. (HCPSS BTE 2013 Master Plan Annual Update, p.256) Documented improvements in practice and policy - School system, local government, and community leaders and staff members used rubrics and mentoring to shift practices into alignment with standards of cultural competence. (Progress Report on the HCPSS Strategic Plan, May 2014, p. 59) As an educator for two decades, John has served as a district office administrator, professional development facilitator, curriculum specialist, and elementary teacher. He is also an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University and McDaniel College and a consultant for several not-for-profit organizations.