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Operations Management: Managing Global Supply Chains

by Ray Venkataraman and Jeffrey Pinto SAGE Publications, Inc
Pub Date:
Hbk 1016 pages
AU$289.00 NZ$294.78
Product Status: New Edition Coming in January
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Managing Global Operations and Supply Chains provides students with a thorough, detailed, and cutting-edge introduction to operations management. Each chapter examines opportunities and challenges facing operations management today. Supplements included for select chapters provide instructors the flexibility to cover or skip material that addresses some of the more quantitative aspects of operations management.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Managing Global Operations and Supply Chains
Operations Profile: Intel Uses Quality Control to Achieve World Domination
The Effect of Globalization on Supply Chains and Operations Management
What Does Operations Management Entail?
What Does Supply Chain Management Entail?
Operations Profile: Zara - Bringing Speed to Fashion through Supply Chain Management
Operations Profile: Lessons Learned - Apple Puts All Its Eggs in One (Very Expensive) Basket
Integrating Operations and Supply Chain Management
The Evolution of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Current and Emerging Issues in Operations and Supply Chain Management
Road Map: How This Text is Organized
Case 1.1 Multinational Companies and China: Investing for the Long Term
Case 1.2: Nintendo's Wii and Wii U: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Chapter 2: Operations and Supply Chain Strategies
Operations Profile: Pfizer's Revamped Supply Chain Strategy Saves the Company Millions
Levels of Strategic Planning
Formulating and Evaluating Operations Strategies
Formulating and Evaluating Strategies for Service Organizations
Measuring Productivity as Part of Strategic Planning
Operations Profile: Lessons Learned: Bigger Ships, More Cargo, Bigger Headaches!
Formulating and Evaluating Supply Chain Strategies
Global Operations and Supply Chain Strategies
Sustainability Issues in Supply Chain Strategies
Case 2.1 Supply Chain Strategies and Disaster Planning
Chapter 3: Project Management
Operations Profile: Nissan Works to Eliminate Bugs that Could Eat into the LEAF Project
Projects, Project Teams, and Measuring Success
Operations Profile: The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle
Project Life Cycles
Conceptualizing and Planning Projects
Scheduling Projects
Supply Chains for Projects
Executing, Evaluating, and Terminating Projects
Operations Management: Lessons Learned: Fossil Fuels Unpopularity Leading to Project Cancellations
Sustainability Issues in Project Management
Globalization in Projects
Case 3.1 Project Management in the Movie Business
Chapter 3 Supplement: Project Management
Operations Profile: Fast Tracking Manchester's New Airport Development
Determining the Probability of a Project Being Completed on Time
Calculating the Time - Cost Tradeoffs of Crashing a Project
Calculating a Project's Earned Value
Chapter 4: Product and Service Innovations
Operations Profile: Developing New Products and Services in the Pet Industry
Why Companies Develop New Products and Services
Operations Management: Lessons Learned - Poor Product Launches - What's in a Name
How New Products are Developed
Operations Profile - New Product Development at Coca-Cola: Illy Issimo
New Product Development Concepts and Strategies
Using Technology to Develop New Products
Global Product Development
Supply Chain Issues in New Product Development
Operations Management: Lessons Learned - The Impact of Supply Chain Delays
How Services are Designed
Legal, Ethical, and Sustainability Issues in New Product and Service Development
Case 4.1 Redesigning for Efficiency: The Chevrolet Malibu
Chapter 4 Supplement: Reliability
Operations Profile: Computer Glitch Grounds United Airlines
Understanding Reliability
Availability and Maintanability
Chapter 5: Managing for Quality
Operations Profile: Louis Vuitton Spares no Expense to Gain the Quality "Seal of Approval?? for its Watches
Defining Quality
The Benefits and Costs of Managing Quality
Operations Management - Lessons Learned: Yamada Electric and a Simple Solution to a Quality Problem
The Evolution of Quality Management and Its Pioneers
Major Quality Management Initiatives
Operations Profile: TQM Improves Hospital Operations
Quality Management Tools and Techniques
Managing Quality in Supply Chains
Managing Quality Globally
Legal, Ethical, and Sustainability Issues in Quality Management
Case 5.1: Pfizer Gets It Right the First Time—Twice!
Case 5.2: Partnering to Improve Quality
Case 5.3: 3M – Finding the Delicate Balance between Six Sigma and Innovation
Case 5.4: Van Halen, Brown M&Ms, and Quality Control
Chapter 6: Quality Improvement and Control Tools
Operations Profile: Using Technology to Improve the Quality of Helicopter Rescue
Quality Control Versus Quality Assurance
Quality Appraisal Tools
Quality Defects Prevention Tools
Quality Design Tools
Case 6.1: J.D. Power Automobile Surveys: What does "Quality?? Mean, Anyway?
Chapter 7: Capacity Planning
Operations Profile: Missoni for Target: Too Popular, Too Soon
Capacity Planning
Service Capacity Planning
Supply Chain Capacity Planning
Operations Management: Lessons Learned - Pratt and Whitney Battles Capacity and Supply Chain Problems for a New Jet Engine
Ethical and Sustainability Issues in Capacity Planning
Global Capacity Management
Case 7.1: Kirwain's Capacity Planning Challenge
Chapter 8: Supply Chain Design and Location Planning
Operations Profile: Mexico: The Next Great Automaker
Supply Chain Design and Facility Location Decisions
Phases in the Supply Chain Design and Location Decision-Making Process
Analytical Methods for Evaluating Locations
Ethical and Sustainability Issues in Supply Chain Design and Location Planning
Global Location Planning
Case 8.1: Countering the Counterfeiters
Chapter 9: Process Design and Layout Planning
Operations Profile: Process Redesign at Mars: Moving Toward Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Designing, Selecting, and Redesigning Manufacturing Processes
Designing Service Processes
Designing Processes for Supply Chains
Designing Global Processes
Layout Planning
Operations Management: Lessons Learned: Boeing and "The Move to the Lake"
Legal, Ethical, and Sustainability Issues in Process Design and Layout Planning
Case 9.1 Sustainable Food Development: The Future is Looking Up
Chapter 9S: Tools for Analyzing, Designing, and Selecting Processes and Layouts
Operations Profile: Relieving Congestion at St. Francis Hospital
Process Selection, Design, and Analysis Tools
Layout Analysis Tools and Techniques
Chapter 10: Supplier Management
Operations Profile: Factory Fires: Fixing the Garment Supplier Pipeline
Supplier Management and Its Goals
Operations Management: Lessons Learned: "Do You Want Fries with That?"
The Supplier Management Process
Operations Profile: Coca-Cola: Managing an Orange's Journey to the Customer
Managing Service Providers
Global Supplier Management
Legal, Ethical, and Sustainability Issues in Supplier Management
Case 10.1: The Boeing 787, Batteries, and Supplier Management
Chapter 11: Logistics Management
Operations Profile: Piracy on the High Seas - Another Global-Logistics Problem
Integrated Logistics Management
Order Fulfillment
Transportation Management
Materials Handling
Warehousing Management
Inventory Management
Facilities Network Design
Global Logistics
Logistics Outsourcing
Logistics in the Service Sector
Sustainability and Ethical Issues in Logistics Management
Operations Management: Lessons Learned: Making Trucking More Cost-Effective and Sustainable Through Collaboration
Case 11.1: How Sustainable Logistics Solutions and Technologies Have Helped Walmart Become More Efficient
Chapter 12: Demand Management and Customer Service
Operations Profile: Demand Management is Fueling Sales Success at Levi-Strauss
Demand Management
Global Demand Management
Services Demand Management
Customer Service and Demand Management
Operations Management: Lessons Learned - Trapped on an Airplane
Sustainability and Ethical Issues in Customer Service
Case 12.1 – McDonald's Reinvent Themselves, Again
Case 12.2 – Predicting the Future Demand for Rural Health Care
Chapter 13: Demand Forecasting Methods
Operations Profile: Challenges in Forecasting Demand for LL Bean's Famous "Duck Boots??
Introduction to Forecasting and Its Applications
The Characteristics of Good Forecasts
Qualitative vs. Quantitative Forecasting Methods
Operations Profile: Using Forecasting to Solve Hospital Staffing Challenges
Measuring and Monitoring the Accuracy of Forecasting Methods
Monitoring and Controlling Forecasts
Steps in Supply Chain Forecasting
Ethical Issues in Forecasting
Case 13.1: Forecasting Ticket Demand for the Super Bowl
Case 13.2: Ethical Forecasting: If you torture the numbers long enough, they can tell you anything!

“The operations profiles are excellent in explaining the importance of the integration of operations and supply chain management.”