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Organization Development: The Process of Leading Organizational Change 4ed

by Donald Anderson SAGE Publications, Inc
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Pbk 512 pages
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Organization Development 4e is a comprehensive text covering classic and contemporary organization development (OD) techniques that guide individual, team, and organizational change. Incorporating discussion of OD ethics into each chapter, author Donald L. Anderson offers thorough discussions of interventions at all levels. In-depth case studies that follow major content and process chapters allow students to immediately apply what they have learned. In today's challenging environment of increased globalization, rapidly changing technologies, economic pressures, and expectations in the contemporary workforce, this book is an essential tool. Key Features Explores each stage of the OD process in detail (entry, contracting, data gathering, diagnosis and feedback, interventions, and evaluation) Incorporates theory, research, and consulting techniques for both traditional OD practices and newly adapted strategies for change, such as appreciative inquiry and Six Sigma Illustrates the benefits of OD in the workplace contexts of corporations, government, education, and nonprofit, for-profit, and health care organizations Provides practical instruction on implementing OD best practices in the real world, including interventions at the organization, team and group, and individual levels Allows students to analyze, apply, and discuss OD concepts through integrated case studies Includes suggestions for further reading for those who wish to learn more about specific topics Organization Development: The Process of Leading Organizational Change is ideal for graduate and upper-level undergraduate business courses in Organization Development, Organizational Change, Leadership and Organizational Change, and Organization Diagnosis.

1. What is Organization Development
Organization Development Defined
The Case for Organization Development
What Organization Development Looks Like
What Organization Development Is Not
Who This Book Is For
Overview of the Book
Analyzing Case Studies
2. History of Organization Development
Laboratory Training and T-Groups
Action Research, Survey Feedback, and Sociotechnical Systems
Management Practices
Quality and Employee Involvement
Organizational Culture
Change Management, Strategic Change, and Reengineering
Organizational Learning
Organizational Effectiveness and Employee Engagement
3. Core Values and Ethics of Organization Development
Defining Values
Why Are Values Important to the OD Practitioner?
Core Values of Organization Development
Changes to OD Values Over Time and the Values Debate
Challenges to Holding Organization Development Values
Statement of Organization Development Ethics
Appendix: Statement of Ethical Guidelines for Practice of OD-HSD (Organization Development - Human Systems Development
Case Study 1: Analyzing Opportunities for Organization Development Work at Northern County Legal Services
4. Foundations of Organizational Change
Levels and Characteristics of Organizational Change
Models of Organizational Change: Systems Theory and Social Construction Approaches
Organizations as Systems
Organizations as Socially Constructed
5. The Organization Development Practitioner and the OD Process
The Consulting Relationship and Types of Consulting
The Organization Development Consulting Model
OD Practitioners: Who Are They and Where Do They Work?
The Organization Development Consulting Profession
The OD Consulting Process and Action Research
A Dialogic Approach to OD
6. Entry and Contracting
7. Data Gathering
The Importance of Data Gathering
Presenting Problems and Underlying Problems
Data Gathering Process
Data Gathering Methods
Creating a Data Gathering Strategy and Proposing an Approach
Ethical Issues With Data Gathering
Case Study 2: Proposing a Data Gathering Strategy at TLG Solutions
8. Diagnosis and Feedback
Diagnosis: Discovery, Assessment, Analysis, and Interpretation
Finding Patterns by Analyzing Data
Interpreting Data
Selecting and Prioritizing Themes
Ethical Issues With Diagnosis and Giving Feedback
Case Study 3: Sorting Through the Data From Logan Elementary School
9. An Introduction to Interventions
Interventions Defined
Why Interventions Fail
Considerations in Selecting the Right Intervention Strategy
Structuring and Planning Interventions for Success
The Change Agent's Role in the Intervention
Ethical Issues With Interventions
Overview of Intervention Techniques
10. Individual Interventions
Individual Change and Reactions to Change
Individual Instruments and Assessments
360 Feedback
Career Planning and Development
Case Study 4: Individual Type Styles at the Parks Department
11. Team Interventions
Defining Teams
What Makes a Successful Team?
Special Types of Teams
Team Development
Team-Building Interventions
Intergroup Interventions
Case Study 5: Solving Team Challenges at DocSystems Billing, Inc.
12. Whole Organization and Multiple Organization Interventions (Part 1)
Characteristics of Contemporary Large-Scale Interventions
Organizational Culture Assessment and Change
Organization Design and Structure
Directional Interventions
Case Study 6: Reorganizing Human Resources at ASP Software
13. Whole Organization and Multiple Organization Interventions (Part 2)
Quality and Productivity Interventions
Interventions in Mergers and Acquisitions
Transorganization or Interorganization Development
Dialogic OD Interventions
Case Study 7: The Future of the Crossroads Center
14. Sustaining Change, Evaluating, and Ending an Engagement
Sustaining Change After the Intervention
Ending an Engagement: Separation and Exit
15. Global Issues in Organization Development
OD's Challenges in a Global Environment
Dimensions of Global Cultural Difference
OD Values, Interventions, and Culture
Case Examples and Research Findings
Advice for the Global OD Practitioner
Case Study 8: A Global Partnership at GFAC Consulting
16. The Future of Organization Development
Increasing Complexity of Change
Changing Workforce Demographics
Changing Nature of Work
The Current State of OD: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Opportunities
Conclusion: The Future of OD
Exercises and Activities