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Skills That Matter: Teaching Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Competencies in Any Classroom

by Patricia Noonan and Amy Erickson Corwin Press
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Pbk 224 pages
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The Skills That Matter aims to prepare middle and high school teachers to increase students’ intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies school-wide. This eight-chapter book presents competency-specific information and tools teachers can use to support middle and high school students’ development of six key intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies. Competencies covered in this book include self-regulation, goal-setting, self-efficacy, assertiveness, conflict management and networking.


List of Figures
About the Authors
1. College and Career Competency Framework
2. Self-Efficacy
3. Self-Regulation
4. Goal Setting
5. Assertiveness
6. Conflict Management

"This book does an excellent job of not only telling and showing what should be done to include these competencies in a high school curriculum, but also giving specific implementation steps that can be taken. So many books spout theory without providing adequate information for putting it into practice. This one does both very well, and even provides step-by-step planning."

Jessica Baldwin, ELA Teacher

Toombs County High School


"If you think that this generation of students is like the last, then think again. This book is timely for educators who are challenged with preparing all students for their post-secondary opportunities. Every student needs a healthy balance of strong academic knowledge and appropriate interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Academics alone will not guarantee students’ success, but those who have the ability to employ quality interpersonal and intrapersonal skills will have a greater opportunity for success in education and the workforce. This is an essential guide for those who prepare students for the 21st century. Schools must not just teach the critical academic skills but also the sometimes forgotten skills of how to communicate effectively as a team, believe in your own ability to accomplish a difficult task, and grow from each experience."

Britton Hart, Principal

Emporia High School


"If students are going to flourish, they need to know how to think and act in ways that build healthy relationships. This important new book from Pattie Noonan and Amy Gaumer Erickson offers a roadmap for teachers to help students learn and practice the most important competencies for social success at school and in world."

Jim Knight, Author & President

Instructional Coaching Group


"It's all there in the competency wheel - a comprehensive framework spanning the grade levels, which identifies and demonstrates the skills needed to develop healthy, successful individuals. Having implemented the framework within our program, we know first-hand the positive results it has produced. Authors Amy Gaumer Erickson and Pattie Noonan have brought together insight, organization, and measure to create a practical, systematic guide for educators, parents, and students."

Lenae Lazzelle, Ed.D., Gifted Education Director, Springfield Public Schools

Phelps Center for Gifted Education


"The message of The Skills That Matter is right on target with curriculum changes that must occur if we are to adequately prepare our students for the world that awaits them. Authors Pattie Noonan and Amy Gaumer Erickson not only make a compelling case for teaching intrapersonal, interpersonal, and cognitive skills, but provide teachers with the practical means to do so."

Robert J. Marzano, Chief Academic Officer

Marzano Research

Pattie Noonan, Ph.D. is an associate research professor at the University of Kansas where she centers her work on providing and evaluating professional development related to improving education for all students. She holds a firm belief in the capacity of students with and without disabilities to achieve positive post-school outcomes through college and career readiness. Much of her work entails providing professional development to middle and high school leadership teams while working in close collaboration with state departments of education. Her research often focuses on measuring collaboration, then using the results to improve teaming—a critical yet elusive component of educational improvement. To this end, she has published books, articles, and an integrated framework, all of which translate research results into practical applications. Throughout this process, Dr. Noonan continually improves her interactive, adaptive professional development practices in both virtual and face-to-face settings. She lives in a 100-year old farmhouse in Lawrence, KS with her husband, John. Together they enjoy remodeling old homes and exploring the world.


Amy S. Gaumer Erickson, Ph.D. is an associate research professor at the University of Kansas. Her work focuses on the implementation of evidence-based instructional practices, within a Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS), that empower students with and without disabilities to become socially and emotionally engaged, career-equipped, lifelong learners. Through her collaboration with state departments of education, Dr. Gaumer Erickson designs high-quality professional learning and implements evaluations that track the fidelity of implementation, as well as the short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes and impacts. Gaumer Erickson has taught at the middle and high school levels and within urban, suburban, charter, and alternative schools. She also has a passion for rural schools, growing up in a farming community of 1500 people. Gaumer Erickson has published numerous articles, measures, and books and has been providing high-quality professional development to thousands of secondary-level educators across multiple states for over a decade, learning from these educators through a practice-based research approach.