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Generalist Social Work Practice

by Janice A. Gasker SAGE Publications, Inc
Pub Date:
Pbk 512 pages
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& Academics:
Generalist Social Work Practice provides students with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to

serve clients across micro, mezzo and macro areas of practice. In this text, the author, Janice Gasker, applies a “universal scan” to consider work at all levels of practice simultaneously rather than in isolation. In accordance with the 2015

EPAS, the planned change process is presented as ongoing and dynamic, providing students with a

clear understanding of how each stage of intervention can be utilized at any point when serving a client.

The text also spotlights the distinctive characteristics of the worker—their values, attitudes, and

experiences—that may influence client interaction. Introspection is therefore presented as a central

aspect prior to beginning a case. The text also includes case studies, collaborative learning exercises,

vignettes, and critical thinking question to help students apply concepts to practice.

Part I: Conceptual Foundations:
Chapter 1. Introduction to Generalist Social Work
The Uniqueness of the Social Work Profession
Generalist Social Work Practice
Characteristics of Generalist Practice
Historical Development of Social Work
Social Work Competencies
Chapter 2. Multi-System Practice
Theory in Social Work
The Planned Change Process
Phases of Social Process
Chapter 3. Values, Ethics, and Diversity
Why A Focus on the Worker
How do we develop a Professional Use of Self?
Aspects of Diversity
The Code of Ethics
What is an Ethical Dilemma?
Part II: The Planned Change Process
Chapter 4. Self-Reflection
Developing Cultural Humility
The Method of Self-Reflection
Developing Empathy
Barriers to Supervision
Self Care
Chapter 5. Engagement
The Relationship
Process Awareness
The Opening Statement
Vulnerability in Engagement
Chapter 6. Assessment
Assessment and Multi-System Practice
Evidence Based Practice
The Practice of Multi-System Practice
First Steps in Assessment
Multi-System Assessment in Practice
The Genogram
Chapter 7. Planning
Assessment and Multi-System Practice
Smith Family Genogram
Smith Family Ecomap
Establishing Goals
Developing Goals
Planning Process Example
Chapter 8. Intervention
The Middle Stage of Social Process
Intervention Interviews
Intervention Methods
Chapter 9. Evaluation, Termination, and Follow Up
Evaluation in Planned Change
Three Types of Evaluation
Goal Attainment
Follow Up
Part III: Practice Across Systems
Chapter 10. Roles and Skills in Work with Individuals
Generalist Social Work with Individuals
The Social Work Role of Educator
The Social Work Role of Counselor
The Social Work Role of Supporter
The Social Work Role of Advocate
The Social Work Role of Learner
Chapter 11. Roles and Skills in Work with Families
The Family-In-Environment Perspective
Interactions Within Families
The Social Work Role of Mediator
The Social Work Role of Family Facilitator
Financial Capacity Building with Families
Crisis Intervention with Families
Chapter 12. Roles and Skills in Work with Groups
Social Work with Groups
Different Types of Groups
Individual Roles in Groups
Group Process
The Social Work Role of Mediator
The Social Work Role of Group Facilitator
Chapter 13. Roles and Skills in Work with Organizations
The Nature of Organizations
Aspects of Organizations
Planned Change in Organizations
The Social Work Role of Organizational Change Agent
The Social Work Role of Supervisor
Chapter 14. Roles and Skills in Work with Communities
Social Work in Communities
Planned Change in Communities
The Social Work Role of Community Change Agent
The Social Work Role of Advocate
Chapter 15. Case Management, Technology, and Documentation
Ethics in Case Management
The Social Work Role of Case Manager
The Social Work Role of Broker
Interdisciplinary Practice
Ethical Use of Technology in Social Work
Ethical Documentation

“A great introductory book for students who are new to the profession of social work. The book is written in a way that encourages students to read and practice the concepts. Although this is meant to be a practice book, there are topics that can be used to review and reinforce the entire social work education curriculum.”