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Clinical Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies

by Graham C.L. Davey SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Hbk 360 pages
AU$158.00 NZ$160.87
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Clinical Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies traces 14 ground-breaking studies by researchers such as Leo Kanner, David T. Lykken and Aaron T. Beck to re-examine and reflect on their findings and engage in a lively discussion of the subsequent work that they have inspired.

Defining “Insanitya – Building on Rosenhan (1973)
The Experimental Study of Mental Health Problems – Building on Watson & Rayner (1920)
The Origins of Cognitive Therapy – Building on Beck (1964)
Defining Autistic Spectrum Disorder – Building on Kanner (1943)
Cognitive Models of Depression – Building on Beck (1987)
Trauma and Repressed Memories – Building on Williams (1995)
Negative Automatic Thoughts and Mental Health – Building on Wenzlaff, Klein & Wegner (1991)
Learned Helplessness & Depression – Building on Seligman (1974)
Panic Disorder as a Psychological Problem – Building on Clark (1986)
Cognitive-Behavioural Analyses of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – Building on Salkovskis (1985)
Depression as an Attributional Style – Building on Alloy, Lipman & Abramson (1992)
The Diathesis-Stress Model of Psychosis – Building on Brown & Birley (1968)
The Antisocial Personality – Building on Lykken (1957)
Gene-Environment Interactions – Building on Yehuda, Flory, Pratchett, Buxbaum et al. (2010)