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Facing An Unequal World: Challenges for Global Sociology

by Raquel Sosa Elizaga SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Pbk 360 pages
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Sociology in the modern world faces many challenges. This edited volume explores significant themes including inequality, structures of power, conceptions of justice and sustainable futures, forming a critical examination across twenty-five individually authored chapters.

Chapter 1: Introduction - Raquel Sosa Elízaga
Part One: Capitalism and Inequality: Globalized Economies and Fractured Societies
Chapter 2: When Extractive Logics Rule: Proliferating Expulsions - Saskia Sassen
Chapter 3: Resilience, Resistance and Rewiring the World Economy: A View from the South - Ari Sitas
Chapter 4: Stratification Requiescat in Pace: Paradigm Shift: From 'Stratification' and Mobility to Inequality - Göran Therborn
Part Two: Economic, Territorial and Social Dimensions of Inequality
Chapter 5: Globalization, Uneven Economic Development, Inequality and Poverty: The Interactive Effects Between Position in the Modern World System and Domestic Stratification Systems - Harold Kerbo
Chapter 6: Poverty and Inequality in the Arab World - Habibul Haque Khondker
Chapter 7: Amazonia: Territorial Tensions in Progress - Carlos Walter Porto-Goncalves
Chapter 8: Climate Change and Vulnerable Urban Groups: Comparative Analysis of Taipei and Kaohsiung - Keng-Ming Hsu & Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao
Chapter 9: The Coming of the New Class Society: Gender Matters - Chizuko Ueno
Chapter 10: Duel of the Dualisms: Production and Reproduction Reconfiguring - Susan A. McDaniel
Chapter 11: The Historic Environment in Opposition to Social Inequalities - Hiroyuki Torigoe
Chapter 12: The Capability Approach, Social Development and Human Rights - Jean-Michel Bonvin
Chapter 13: Two Dissident Ways of Reading on Inequality - Ana Esther Ceceña
Chapter 14: Framing Arab Poverty Knowledge Production: A Socio-bibliometric Study - Sarah El Jamal & Sari Hanafi
Part Three: Reforms, Resistance and Alternatives: New Ways Towards Social Justice
Chapter 15: The Limits of Reform in Liberal Democracies - Walden Bello
Chapter 16: Tensions Between Development, Public Policies to Confront Poverty/Inequality and the Defense of Pluriculturality in South America - Edgardo Lander
Chapter 17: Inequitable Access to Citizenship in Democratic States: An Exploration of the Limits of Gendered Social Policies for the Attainment of Gender Inequality - Grace Khunou
Chapter 18: Collective Right to Life and New Social Justice: the Case of the Bolivian Indigenous Movement - Paulo Henrique Martins
Chapter 19: Demanding Justice: Popular Protests in China - Chih-Jou Jay Chen
Chapter 20: Thomas Piketty and the Marikana Massacre - Peter Alexander
Chapter 21: From Tekel to Gezi Resistance in Turkey: Possibilities for a Combined Rights Movement - Aylin Topal
Chapter 22: Socio-ecological Inequality and the Democratization Process - José Esteban Castro

Raquel Sosa has assembled an incredibly complete set of analyses of inequality written by a range of scholars about a wide range of issues. Incomparable essential reading.
Raquel Sosa El+¡zaga has degrees in Sociology, Latin American Studies, and PhD in History, National Autonomous University of Mexico. She has been Full Time Professor at the Center for Latin American Studies of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, since January, 1976. Past positions held include:
- Vice President of Program of the International Sociological Association, from 2010 to 2014
- A member of its Program Committee from 1998 to 2002
- A member of its Executive Committee, from 2006 to 2010
- President of the Asociaci+¦n Latinoamericana de Sociolog+¡a, from 1985 to 1987
- A member of its Council of Ex Presidents, since 2013
- Secretary of Social Development and of Culture in the Mexico City Government, from 2000 to 2005, and from 2005 to 2006.

Her publications include Educaci+¦n y exclusi+¦n (UNAM, 2017), GÇ£Reflexiones sobre la tradici+¦n sociol+¦gica, los dilemas de nuestro tiempo y el porvenirn++? en Casta+¦eda, D+ívila et al, El futuro de las ciencias sociales en un entorno globalizado (UNAM, 2017); Hacia la recuperaci+¦n de la soberan+¡a educativa en Am+¬rica Latina: conciencia cr+¡tica y programa (UNAM/CLACSO, 2012); Pensar con cabeza propia. Educaci+¦n y pensamiento cr+¡tico en Am+¬rica Latina (CLACSO, 2011); Cuadernos del pensamiento cr+¡tico latinoamericano, Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales 45(4) (2011); Co author with Irene S+ínchez, Am+¬rica Latina: los desaf+¡os del pensamiento cr+¡tico (Siglo XXI, 2004).