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BA in Leadership and Management: Skills for the Workplace Student Yearbook, Final Year

by Andrew Maund SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Pbk 896 pages
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Final year book for students studying BA Leadership and Management, UWTSD.

Part 1: Emergent Leadership Skills
Understanding Philosophy and Styles - Northouse, P. G. (2017)
On Reflection and Reflexivity - Alvesson, M., Blom, M. & Sveningsson, S. (2017)
Leadership and Organisational Culture - Alvesson, M., Blom, M. & Sveningsson, S. (2017)
Follower-Centred Perspectives on Leadership - Jackson, B. & Perry, K. (2012)
Part 2: Developing Innovation and Creativity
Creativity and Innovation - Hisrich, R. D. & Kearney, K. (2014)
Strategic Leadership and Innovation at Apple Inc - Paroutis, S. Heracleous, L. & Angwin, D. (2016)
Part 3: Leading and Implementing Workplace Change
Managing Innovation and Change - Clegg, S. R., Kornberger, M. & Pitsis, T. (2015)
Conceptual Models for Understanding Organization Change - Burke, W. W. (2013)
Leading Organization Change - Burke, W. W. (2013)
Organization Change: What We Need to Know - Burke, W. W. (2013)
Strategy and Strategic Change - Clegg, S. R., Schweitzer, J., Whittle, A. & Pitelis, C. (2016)
Part 4: Strategic Management for SME's
Strategy Processes - Clegg, S. R., Schweitzer, J., Whittle, A. & Pitelis, C. (2016)
Strategic Alignment: The ESCO Model - Paroutis, S. Heracleous, L. & Angwin, D. (2016)
Part 5: Coaching and Mentoring Skills for the Workplace
Researching Coaching and Mentoring - Garvey, R., Stokes, P. & Megginson, D. (2017)
Design and Evaluation - Garvey, R., Stokes, P. & Megginson, D. (2017)
Part 6: Developing Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence and Your Personality - Singh, D. (2015)
Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Relations - Singh, D. (2015)
Motivation and Emotion - Banyard, P., Dillon, G., Norman, C. & Winder, B. (2015)
The Psychological Person: Cognition, Emotion and Self - Hutchinson, E. D. (2014)
Part 7: Journals for Emergent Leadership Skills
An Examination of Emotional Intelligence as an Antecedent of Leadership - Barbuto, J. E., Gottfredson, R. K. & Searle, T. P. (2014)
Women and Leadership: Selection, Development, Leadership Style, and Performance - Gipson, A. N., Pfaff, D. L., Mendelsohn, D. B., Catenacci, L. T. & Burke, W. W. (2017)
The Mainstream is not Electable: When Vision Triumphs Over Representativeness in Leader Emergence and Effectiveness - Halevy N., Berson, Y. & Galinsky, A. D. (2011)
Moderation of Effects of Power Distance on the Relationship Between Types of Empowerment and Employee Satisfaction - Fock, H., Hui, M. K, Au, K. & Bond, M. H. (2012)
Employee Responses to Empowering Leadership: A Meta-Analysis - Kim, M., Beehr, T. A. & Prewett, M. S. (2018)
Part 8: Journals for Developing Innovation and Creativity
Models of Innovation: Why Models of Innovation are Models, or What Work is Being Done in Calling Them Models? - Godin, B. (2015)
Business Models for Sustainability: A Co-Evolutionary Analysis of Sustainable - Schaltegger, S., Ludeke-Freund, F. & Hansen, E. G. (2016)
Archetypes of Service Innovation: Implications for Value Co-creation - Helkkula, A., Kowalkowski, C. & Tronvoll B. (2018)
Part 9: Journals for Leading and Implementing Workplace Change
Change Management in the Hard Times: Can Change Management Mitigate the Negative Relationship Between Cutbacks and the Organizational Commitment and Work Engagement of Public Sector Employees? - Van der Voet, J. & Vermeeren, B. (2016)
Unfreezing Change as Three Steps: Rethinking Kurt Lewin's Legacy for Change Management - Cummings, S., Bridgman, T. & Brown, K. T. (2015)
Part 10: Strategic Management for SME's
An Integrated View of Strategic Management - Stegmann, J. P. (2007) Journal of Interdisciplinary
Walmart's Emergent Low-Cost Sustainable Product Strategy - Spicer, A. & Hyatt, D. (2017)
Part 11: Journals for Coaching and Mentoring Skills for the Workplace
Challenges for the Theory and Practice of Business Coaching: A Systematic Review of Empirical Evidence - Blackman, A., Moscardo, G. & Gray, D. E. (2016)
33. Coaching and Human Resource Development: Examining Relevant Theories, Coaching Genres, and Scales to Advance Research and Practice - Ellinger, A. D. & Kim, S. (2014)
Shifting Gears: The Mentee in the Driver's Seat - Fischler, L. A. & Zachary, L. J. (2009)
The Value of Emotional Intelligence for High Performance Coaching - Chan, J. T. & Mallet, C. J. (2011)
Part 12: Journals for Developing Emotional Intelligence
Capacity and Capacity Building for National HRD: A Multilevel Conceptual Framework - Alagaraja, M. & Githens, R. P. (2016)
The Ability Model of Emotional Intelligence: Principles and Updates - Mayer, J. D., Caruso, D. R. & Salovey, P. (2016)