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How to Survive and Thrive When Bad Things Happen: 9 Steps to Cultivating an Opportunity Mindset in a Crisis

by Jim Taylor Rowman and Littlefield
Pub Date:
Hbk 256 pages
AU$53.99 NZ$56.51
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Few of us go through life without experiencing some sort of crisis, whether health, financial, relationship, career, or personal safety. Crises happen and they are often out of our control. But the one thing we can control is how we respond to them. Yet, our natural instincts often hinder us as we confront today’s crises that are complex, amorphous, and not readily solvable. Changing our reaction to a crisis is an immense challenge, yet with powerful lessons provided in these pages, anyone can turn crises into opportunities for reflection, positive action, and growth. .


A crisis mentality can overwhelm you when bad things happen. Turning crises into opportunities empowers you to overcome the darkness that can engulf you in troubled times and allow you to seek the light that can guide you through hard times. Exploring the essential psychological, emotional, and interpersonal factors that most impact your reaction to a crisis, Jim Taylor provides you with deep insights and practical tools that help you move from a crisis mentality of fear, pessimism, and panic that controls you to an opportunity mindset of calm, confidence, and courage that you control in a crisis. He offers compelling examples, both recent and historical, well-known and unfamiliar, to bring these issues to life. Illustrations from government, large and small business, and ordinary people will highlight who responded well and who did not. Break free from the crisis mentality and embrace an opportunity mindset with nine strategies that will not only help you to survive, but actually thrive, when bad things happen.

Introduction: Fork in the Road: Crisis or Opportunity
Section I: Your Amygdala
Chapter 1: Instincts: Primitive or Evolved?
Chapter 2: Emotions: I'm Feelin' It!
Chapter 3: Reactions: Knee-jerk!
Section II: Your Cerebral Cortex
Chapter 4: Values: Which Road Do You Take?
Chapter 5: Investment: Bet it All on Red!
Chapter 6: Attitudes: You Gotta Believe!
Chapter 7: Mindset: What Were You Thinking?
Chapter 8: Mental Muscles: Feelin' Strong!
Section III: Your Evolution
Chapter 9: Preparation: Ready, SetGǪ!
Epilogue: Action: Lights, CameraGǪ!
About the Author

Dr. Taylor's book is full of wisdom and guidance for dealing with crises, both large and small, that people encounter in their lives. His book contains uniquely useful recommendations for readers when confronted with a crisis. The many quotes that he includes provide additional insight and inspiration for the reader. I recommend this innovative and thoroughly thoughtful book highly.
Jim Taylor, PhD, is an expert in the psychology of performance. He is a consultant, speaker, and writer specializing in helping people make positive changes and achieve their goals. He has been formulating and applying his unique ideas for more than 30 years. Taylor's expertise covers a wide spectrum of fields including business, sports, family, medicine, and the performing arts. In the business world, Taylor has worked with executives and companies around the world. He is a frequent speaker to the Young Presidents' Organization . Taylor's sports consulting work has included the United States and Japanese Ski Teams, the United States Tennis Association, and USA Triathlon, the Athletic Departments at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, as well as professional and Olympic athletes. His consulting in the medical field has included work with the Mayo Clinic, the Stone Clinic in San Francisco, The Aspen Fitness and Sports Medicine Institute, and the Western Athletic Clubs. In the performing arts, Taylor has worked with the Miami City Ballet, the Hartford Ballet Company, and the DanceAspen Summer School. In education, numerous elementary and secondary schools around the U.S. have sought out his parenting and educational expertise. He was an Adjunct Professor at Middlebury College, an Associate rofessor in the School of Psychology at Nova University in Ft. Lauderdale, a Clinical Associate Professor in the Master's Program in Sport & Performance Psychology at the University of Denver, and is currently an Adjunct Faculty in the Master's Program in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco. He is a former U.S. top-20 ranked alpine ski racer who competed internationally, a certified tennis teaching professional, a 2nd degree black belt and certified instructor in karate, a sub-three-hour marathon runner, and an Ironman triathlete. Taylor is a highly sought-after speaker who more than 1000 presentations to diverse audiences throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on a wide range of topics related to performance, well-being, and change. A passionate and prolific writer, Taylor is the author or editor of 18. He has published more than 750 articles in scholarly and popular publications, including the Journal of Personality, The Sport Psychologist, Outside, Triathlete, Her Sports, and Skiing, as well as on many websites. His blog posts on,, and on his own website have been read my millions. Dr. Taylor's television appearances include NBC's “Today Show,a Fox News Channel, UPN's “Life & Style,a ABC's “World News This Weekend,a and major television network affiliates around the U.S. and Canada. He has participated in dozens of nationally syndicated and local radio shows. As a trusted resource for reporters around the nation, Taylor has been interviewed for, and am regularly quoted by, major media outlets such as the New York Daily News, Men's Health, the London Telegraph, the Christian Science Monitor, Newsday, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Baltimore Sun, and the Dallas Morning News.