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Tranquility Parenting: A Guide to Staying Calm, Mindful, and Engaged

by Brittany Polat Rowman and Littlefield
Pub Date:
Hbk 184 pages
AU$49.99 NZ$47.82
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Parenting is stressful. For many parents, who are always busy, usually tired, and probably not trained in dealing with children, the words “tranquility” and “parenting” do not go together. Don’t you just wish there was some technique out there that could help you become calm, content, and confident parent? Something that you could have on hand all the time to help you through your most challenging situations and stressful days?    


Well, there is something, and it comes from a wisdom tradition that has been helping people through difficult situations for about 2300 years. The psychological techniques developed by ancient Stoics have recently been rediscovered, and Stoicism is enjoying a renaissance among people from all walks of life who are looking for fulfillment, tranquility, and yes, the meaning of life. Modern Stoicism has straightforward answers to all these questions, as well as practical techniques for achieving eudaimonia (the Greek word for “human flourishing”). Stoicism encourages everyone to think things through for themselves and use their own capacity for reason and goodness. And once you learn the basic principles of Stoicism, you can apply them all the time, in any situation.    Tranquility Parenting describes how Brittany Polat discovered modern Stoicism and what it can offer to stressed-out parents of the 21st century. As a mother of three young children, Polat used to constantly doubt her parenting abilities. She felt anxious, frustrated, and guilty about her perceived failings as a parent. Now, as a practicing Stoic, she gained the confidence and calm she was craving and has more energy to be fully engaged and happy with them.    What will this book do for you? It will not tell you how to potty train your child, but it will tell you how to enjoy the time you spend potty training your child. It will not tell you how to monitor your teen on social media, but it will show you how to use practical wisdom to make decisions about media consumption. It will not tell you how to make your kids eat vegetables, but it will explain how to be present and engaged while you are teaching your kids to eat vegetables. So if you are willing to invest time and energy in applying Stoic insights, you may find that tranquility parenting is not only possible, but truly the best option for you and your family.

Part I
Finding Tranquility
Chapter 1
Developing a Parenting Philosophy
Chapter 2
Focusing on What You Can Control
Chapter 3
Re-thinking Your Value Judgments
Chapter 4
Engaging with Other People
Chapter 5
Teaching Your Child Virtue
Chapter 6
Enjoying Your Child
Chapter 7
Overcoming Your Anxiety
Chapter 8
Finding Tranquility
Part II
Reference Section
Chapter 9
Practicing Tranquility
Chapter 10
Dealing with Difficult Situations

Tranquility Parenting takes you on an introspective journey to discovering a clear and specific parenting philosophy that will help guide your actions with your child. This book offers strategies to build strong mental habits that will help you focus on what is in your control as a parent and give you the confidence and courage to make good judgments day in and day out.
Brittany Polat is a practicing Stoic, founder of Tampa Stoics, mother to three young children, and blogger who writes about Stoic family life. She is especially interested in exploring ways that Stoic principles can lead to a rich and rewarding life for parents and children. See more of her writing on websites such as Modern Stoicism, Common Sense Ethics, and her blog at