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Exploring Megalithic Europe: Amazing Sites to See for Yourself

by Julian Heath Rowman and Littlefield
Pub Date:
Hbk 264 pages
AU$75.99 NZ$78.25
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Abundant prehistoric remains survive in the wide landscapes of Europe, but none are arguably as fascinating or awe-inspiring as the “megalithic” (after the Greek megas: great, and lithos: stone) monuments built by the people who lived here during the three hugely important periods of European prehistory known respectively as the Neolithic, the Copper Age, and the Bronze Age. These huge, prehistoric stone structures can still be found scattered in their thousands across Europe and provide a tentative but evocative link to their builders, and to Europe’s distant past.   


From the Mediterranean islands to the colder climes of Scandinavia, Exploring Megalithic Europe takes readers to many European countries, examining both famous and lesser-known megalithic monuments and looking at what insights these remarkable reminders of prehistoric life may provide into the ancient communities responsible for their construction.

Chapter 1. An Introduction to Megalithic Europe
Chapter 2. The Heartland of Megalithic Europe
Chapter 3. French and Swiss Megalithic Tombs
Chapter 4. Megalithic Iberia
Chapter 5. Megaliths of the Mediterranean Islands
Chapter 6. The Stone Circles of Britain and Ireland
Chapter 7. Stonehenge and Avebury
Chapter 8. English Megalithic Tombs
Chapter 9. Welsh Megalithic Tombs
Chapter 10. Irish Megalithic Tombs
Chapter 11. Scottish Megalithic Tombs
Chapter 12. Megalithic Germany and Holland
Chapter 13. Megalithic Scandinavia

Creation of monuments is one of the important features of prehistoric societies. Julian Heath's book offers and amazing and broadly accessible guide through the megalithic mind of our ancestors. The book is covering the prehistoric expressions of monumentality throughout Europe. This book is a valuable companion to all readers interested in our megalithic past.
Julian Heath earned both bachelor’s and a master’s degrees in archaeology at the University of Liverpool. He specialized in the prehistoric archaeology of western Europe and Egyptology. Since leaving university, he has gone on to publish and illustrate several books on prehistoric Archaeology/Egyptology such as: Life in Copper Age Britain, Warfare in Neolithic Europe, Sacred Circles, Archaeological Hotspot Egypt. He has also contributed articles to Ancient Egypt magazine.   Heath contributed illustrations to the British Museum’s Dictionary of Ancient Egypt and two children’s books (Stories from Ancient Egypt & Stories from Ancient Greece and Rome) written by the respected Egyptologist and author, Joyce Tyldesley. He has also worked as a finds illustrator (this involves the accurate drawing of ancient artefacts for publication, following set technical conventions) with Liverpool University missions to sites in Egypt.