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Leadership Case Studies in Education 2ed

by Peter G Northouse and Marie E Lee SAGE Publications, Inc
Pub Date:
Pbk 200 pages
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& Academics:
Leadership Case Studies in Education 2nd Edition  by Peter G. Northouse and Marie Lee applies leadership theories in educational settings. Designed to be used alongside Leadership: Theory and Practice 8th Edition, this casebook provides relevant, substantive, and contemporary case studies on leadership issues in Higher Education and K-12 Education. Each of the 32 case studies include critical thinking questions that encourage students to apply leadership theory and concepts to real-life situations. Engaging, practical, and relevant, Leadership Case Studies in Education is the perfect companion for educational leadership courses.

Chapter 1. Introduction
Case 1.1 Balancing the Workload
Case 1.2 President Severs, You're Fired
Chapter 2. Trait Approach
Case 2.1 Hiring a New Assistant Middle School Prinicpal
Case 2.2 Why Can't Darin Lead?
Chapter 3. Skills Approach
Case 3.1 Before Barb Burns Out
Case 3.2 Picking a Program Leader
Chapter 4. Behavioral Approach
Case 4.1 Springfield Day School
Case 4.2 Mentoring Jack
Chapter 5. Situational Approach
Case 5.1 A Tale of Two Teams
Case 5.2 Integration Hesitation
Chapter 6. Path-Goal Theory
Case 6.1 Implementing a New Model for Education
Case 6.2 Conflict with the Dean
Chapter 7. Leader-Member Exchange Theory
Case 7.1 Favoritism in the Classroom
Case 7.2 Who Gets to be the Student Consultants?
Chapter 8. Transformational Leadership
Case 8.1 Creating a Magnet School
Case 8.2 Is Charisma Enough for President Stelar?
Chapter 9. Authentic Leadership
Case 9.1 Parents, Principals, and Playgrounds: Oh My!
Case 9.2 Sister Angela, Campus Minister
Chapter 10. Servant Leadership
Case 10.1 Stewardship Abounds
Case 10.2 A Model Campus
Chapter 11. Adaptive Leadership
Case 11.1 Pride, Policies, and Promise
Case 11.2 Saving the Whales and Seals
Chapter 12. Followership
Case 12.1 Revamping the Robotics Team
Case 12.2 Choosing a Chair
Chapter 13. Leadership Ethics
Case 13.1 Please Consider My Daughter
Case 13.2 "Cut Her Some Slack"
Chapter 14. Team Leadership
Case 14.1 School Improvement Team Troubles
Case 14.2 The Accreditation Team
Chapter 15. Gender and Leadership
Case 15.1 "My Girl"
Case 15.2 The Executive Leadership Team
Chapter 16. Culture and Leadership
Case 16.1 Empty Playground
Case 16.2 Welcome to the Heartland

“This book provides readers an opportunity to dive deep within the salient leadership theories and practices. A natural and necessary companion to Northouse's Leadership: Theory and Practice. Vital application at the doctoral level is needed to prepare current and future leaders in an industry riddled with change. This book offers an accessible way of developing an understanding of education leadership for students’ real time, real situation.” 


Peter G. Northouse, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Communication in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University. In addition to publications in professional journals, he is the author of Leadership: Theory and Practice (now in its seventh edition) and Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice (now in its third edition) and coauthor of Health Communication: Strategies for Health Professionals (now in its third edition). His scholarly and curricular interests include models of leadership, leadership assessment, ethical leadership, and leadership and group dynamics. For more than 30 years, he has taught courses in leadership, interpersonal communication, and organizational communication to both undergraduate and graduate students. Currently, he is a consultant and lecturer on trends in leadership research, leadership development, and leadership education. He holds a doctorate in speech communication from the University of Denver, and master's and bachelor's degrees in communication education from Michigan State University.