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Standards-Based Classroom: Make Learning the Goal

by Emily Rinkema and Stan Williams Corwin Press
Pub Date:
Pbk 168 pages
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Win big in the standards-based classroom. Get to know which practices related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment are essential to make learning the goal for every student! A how-to book for hands-on implementation, this resource provides useful strategies for making changes that will pave the way for major transformation. Culled from over two decades of classroom expertise, this essential guide shows readers how to Create learning targets that are scalable and transferable within and across units Develop instructional scales for each learning target that define the increasing complexity of the skill progression Design non-scored practice activities, intentional formative assessments, and summative assessments to provide reliable, individual evidence of achievement toward learning targets Introduce and model skills that will be assessed and design tasks that allow students to use these skills to practice with the content Differentiate instruction and activities based on data from various types of assessments Maintain a gradebook that tracks summative achievement of learning targets, and score assessments accordingly Communicate clearly and efficiently with all students and families about progress and learning The four sections - Articulate Desired Results, Develop Targeted Assessment, Design Effective Instruction, and Monitor and Communicate Learning - are chock full of examples, tools, templates, and initial PD scales.

Foreword by Ken O'Connor
Section 1: Articulate Desired Results
Chapter 1: Developing K-U-Ds
Chapter 2: Creating Learning Targets
Chapter 3: Building Learning Scales
Chapter 4: Collaborating with Special Educators
Section II: Develop Targeted Assessments
Chapter 5: Summatively Assessing Learning
Chapter 6: Formatively Assessing Learning
Section III: Design Effective Instruction
Chapter 7: Designing Instruction
Chapter 8: Differentiating by Readiness
Section IV: Monitor and Communicate Learning
Chapter 9: Monitoring and Grading Learning
Chapter 10: Communicating with Families

The Standards-Based Classroom provides teachers with a practical guide to implement standards-based learning in their classrooms. The authors provide a perfect balance of context and commentary, practical examples, challenges, and suggestions for further exploration. Readers can use this book to transform their pedagogy and practice to better meet the needs of all learners with a standards-based approach.”

Stan Williams and Emily Rinkema have been teaching together for 20 years in a public high school in Vermont. Eight years ago they were given a sabbatical to teach half-time and explore how to create and maintain systems and structures that would allow full time teachers to regularly differentiate instruction within heterogeneous classes. This work led them directly to standards-based grading (SBG) and learning (SBL), and also led to the creation of half-time instructional coaching positions in their school so that they could continue to implement new practices in their own classrooms while supporting school wide implementation of SBG. For the past year they have been on leave from teaching to continue the coaching in their high school and begin supporting the entire K-8 district's move to standards-based learning, grading, and reporting. They will continue in this role for the 2017/18 school year. Emily Rinkema is co-founder of the Vermont Standards-Based Learning Collective, a grassroots organization that brings together educators interested in improving education through SBL. Both authors have organized, led, and participated in the annual symposium sponsored by the VTSBL Collective and their keynote speakers have included Bill Rich, Carol Tomlinson, and Damian Cooper. Both Stan and Emily have presented at local schools, but their full time jobs have prevented any other consulting work to this date.