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What else can a teacher do? Review your career, reduce stress and gain control of your life

by David Hodgson Crown House Publishing
Pub Date:
Pbk 224 pages
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David Hodgson surveys and suggests a diverse range of alternative career options suited to teachers’ transferable skill sets.


In What Else Can a Teacher Do? Review Your Career, Reduce Stress and Gain Control of Your Life, David Hodgson surveys and suggests a diverse range of alternative career options suited to teachers’ transferable skill sets.


Some teachers reach a point where they question their role in the classroom; they want to consider something different, but don’t know where to start. In this practical handbook, David combines expert careers guidance with a carefully compiled list of over one hundred job profiles in order to help teachers find clarity on their career path, and presents numerous case studies of teachers and education professionals who have already successfully done so. So whether you’re tentatively weighing up career alternatives, actively planning your route out of the school environment, or simply assessing where you are in teaching – possibly eyeing a change of class, key stage, sector, working hours, or even country – What Else Can a Teacher Do? helps guide you through your options.


David feels passionately that everyone should be supported to find a rewarding career that suits their unique mix of skills, qualities and experience, and in this book he has distilled his specialist careers advice and extensive research in order to address the most frequently asked questions that weigh upon teachers’ minds. What Else Can a Teacher Do? presents a measured approach to career evaluation to help you gain a better perspective on your work satisfaction at present before moving on to explore how your contextual experience and in-demand skill set can be transferred to a multitude of other professional roles and environments.


Split into three interactive and user-friendly parts, What Else Can a Teacher Do? features a variety of self-reflective checklists, charts and activities to engage with; an exploratory range of at least thirty education-based career moves to consider; and a comprehensive list of around 120 job profiles providing details on the key roles, entry routes, salaries and tasks involved in each profession to both inform and inspire. Plus, in order to help you accurately compare your current position with these realistic career alternatives, all of the jobs listed have some overlap with the skills and interests teachers develop in the classroom and each job profile is complemented with a select listing of reliable websites for more detailed information and sources of vacancies.


This book is not intended to serve as a survival guide or as an escape manual. A survival guide implies you’ll do just enough frenetic gasping and paddling to keep your head above the turbulent water, while an escape manual is an equally dangerous proposition as it implies that change is easy. It is not. Rather, What Else Can a Teacher Do? provides a wealth of suggestions in order to help you move on in your teaching journey, and lays out some alternatives to teaching so that you can take a peek with a dispassionate and critical eye if you are contemplating making a bigger change in your working life.


What else can a teacher do? David Hodgson has the answers. Essential reading for teachers who are ‘stuck in a rut’ and want to explore other options.


p>Contents include:

Part 1: Where are you now?

Part 2: What are your job options?

Section 1: Job options based around teaching skills

Section 2: Job options for recent graduates

Section 3: Job options for school leaders

Part 3: Job profiles

Paul Clifton, careers adviser 20th October 2017

What Else Can a Teacher Do? is an interesting and reassuring book which considers the common issues that teachers (and other people) face during their careers. As a careers adviser myself I have spoken to many teachers who face and suffer the same issues, and I especially enjoyed the book’s inclusion of comments from other people about their own experiences. The job profiles section is useful and gives readers the opportunity to consider themselves in other roles.


Kate Marnoch, Head Teacher, Kingsdown Nursery School, founding member, Lincolnshire Nursery Schools Partnership (LNSP) 20th October 2017

What a great read! What Else Can a Teacher Do? should be read not only by all teachers who want a change, but also by all school leavers – including my 17-year-old daughter!


Gordon Collins, owner, Gordon Collins Careers and Education Services 20th October 2017

Ideal for teachers feeling a bit dissatisfied with life and wondering where to start to change it, What Else Can a Teacher Do? offers fresh perspectives on reviewing where you’re currently at and for thinking about yourself and your own needs (something we often find hard to do). The information provided on career opportunities is comprehensive, but it is the contemplation section which makes it stand out and makes it a worthwhile purchase.

An interesting, thought-provoking read.

David Hodgson is a training consultant and author who works with teachers and students across the UK and abroad. He has written a number of books to help teachers and students thrive in the classroom and beyond.