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Release Your Inner Drive: Everything you need to know about how to get good at stuff

by Bradley Busch and Edward Watson Crown House Publishing
Pub Date:
Pbk 160 pages
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Release Your Inner Drive: Everything You Need to Know about How to Get Good at Stuff by Bradley Busch and Edward Watson is a book of infographics designed to show teenagers how they can excel at school and in life. But while the graphics are certainly colourful and eye-catching, this is so much more than a book of pretty pictures. The graphics distil the latest research into psychology and neuroscience, alongside explanations of what exactly this means for teenagers and what they can do with these insights in practice. We know more than ever about the science of learning, and now everyone can quickly tap into the success strategies that have been proven to help people thrive and flourish.

Have you ever wondered how people get really good at stuff? It turns out that there are a collection of habits that help people to get good at whatever it is they do. Researchers and academics in the fields of psychology and neuroscience have spent years trying to understand why some people flourish and others never truly fulfill their potential. Bradley and Edward have condensed that wisdom into this no-nonsense, visual guide which also provides clear explanations of the concepts, along with links to the latest research, for those who want to delve deeper into these fascinating insights. Each infographic distils everything you need to know to cultivate these habits and give yourself the best possible chance of success. Discover how to: take control, concentrate better, find your motivation, fail better, make revision stick, perform under pressure, ace those exams, put down that phone when you’re meant to be revising, get over FOMO, stop procrastinating, get a good night’s sleep, take care of yourself and your mental health, learn from sporting champions and grow your mindset to get ahead.

The book is also ideal for anyone who has children and wants to nurture their talents, or for teachers who want to ensure that their students develop the attitudes, beliefs and habits that maximise learning and performance.

Contents include:

How to Read This Book

1. Decide Where You Are Going – Own the Destination

2. Master Yourself – It Begins with You

3. Fail Better – The Power of Failure

4. Performing Under Pressure – Deliver Your Best When It Matters the Most

5. Make Your Learning Stick – Maximise Your Revision

6. Excellence in Exams – Get the Grades You Deserve

7. Sleep Your Way to Success – Sleep Tight, Think Right

8. Looking After Me – How to Be Kind to Yourself

9. Lessons from the Sporting Greats – Learn from Champions

10. Mindset Matters – Stories and Science of Growth Mindset

What Now?

Suitable for young people and anyone who wants to help them achieve their potential, including parents and teachers.



Contents include:

How to Read This Book1. Decide Where You Are Going - Own the Destination2. Master Yourself - It Begins with You3. Fail Better - The Power of Failure4. Performing Under Pressure - Deliver Your Best When It Matters the Most5. Make Your Learning Stick - Maximise Your Revision6. Excellence in Exams - Get the Grades You Deserve7. Sleep Your Way to Success - Sleep Tight, Think Right8. Looking After Me - How to Be Kind to Yourself9. Lessons from the Sporting Greats - Learn from Champions10. Mindset Matters - Stories and Science of Growth Mindset

What Now?

Nick Cooper, Director of Performance Solutions. 27th April 2017

Release Your Inner Drive is an excellent guide to understanding how to improve. The authors distil a huge volume of peer-reviewed research on performance psychology and neuroscience into a number of key areas and provide simple and effective strategies to develop in each one. The book works especially well as a quick reference guide. This is a resource to keep returning to for some gentle reminders of how to regain control during times of stress. Key questions are provided throughout that can be applied in education, sport and general life.It’s a book perfect for parents and teachers who want to enable children and young adults to develop the mental skills required for a positive mindset.


Mary Myatt, education adviser, speaker and author of Hopeful Schools. 27th April 2017

This is a really helpful resource for students, parents and teachers who want to get a handle on the most effective ways of revising,goal-setting and handling stress. A great balance of clear infographics and research on peak performance across a range of disciplines – aspirational and reassuring in equal measure.


Dr Martin J. Turner, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Staffordshire University. 27th April 2017

Release Your Inner Drive very skilfully applies well-grounded, contemporary psychological concepts to an array of achievement situations. The infographics communicate complex theory in a really digestible way, designed to help readers make sense of the mental aspects of performance, and apply thinking skills within their particular domain. As an academic and practitioner, I think the inclusion of research and references is really important and I particularly appreciated this aspect of the book. Many of the graphics are eye-catching, but also accurate, helping people to remember what they read, which helps them apply what they read to their world. The graphical way in which the content is presented allows the reader to easily understand the tools being introduced, and the theory behind the tools. Information is chunked in such a way that the reader is able to take away key pieces of information easily. The advice is not only useful for people wishing to fulfil their potential, it is also important for well-being. Indeed, many of the concepts are as much about maintaining and enhancing well-being as they are about achievement. My favourite part was Chapter 10, where growth mindset is really clearly applied. I also like the fact that the reader is given options as to how to use the book, prior to and after reading it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in fulfilling their potential or inquisitive about how they can harness psychology to improve their performance.


Jordanne Whiley, MBE, winner of 9 Grand Slam tennis tournaments and Paralympic medalist. 27th April 2017

I worked with Bradley during the most stressful time of my life, competing in a Paralympic Games. By using a lot of the techniques in this book I have become a more successful person, not only in my career but also outside of it. I have changed the way I view failure and this is what has helped me the most. The techniques are simple but they have had a massive impact, it’s almost hard to believe. This book teaches us how to get big rewards from simply changing the way we view and handle what life throws at us. For anyone looking to better themselves in some way, no matter how big or small, this is the book for you.


Jonnie Noakes, Head of Teaching and Learning at Eton College. 27th April 2017

Release Your Inner Drive is a fantastically useful book, providing practical advice for students. Written in straightforward language and full of helpful graphics, it explains in tangible steps how to develop the attitudes, mindsets and habits that are crucial to success at school and in life, such as confidence, well-being, resilience, learning from mistakes and improving memory. Crucially, this advice is evidence-based and has been distilled from high-quality research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. I have never come across a clearer explanation for students of how to handle the complexities of motivation, mindset and performance.


Jill Berry, leadership consultant and author of Making the Leap. 27th April 2017

Release Your Inner Drive by Bradley Busch and Edward Watson suggests strategies to help young people develop productive habits and offers practical tips for setting goals and taking control of where they are going and how they intend to get there.

Based on the principle of growth mindset the book is clearly structured and easy to read, with eye-catching and light-hearted graphics, designed to appeal to its target audience, but also with something to offer to teachers and parents who support and encourage young people.

The book prompts reflection and recommends actively seeking out and acting on feedback in order to boost confidence and enhance achievements. It emphasises the importance of resisting perfectionism and looking after ourselves by finding a healthy balance in our lives, including specific advice for controlling our use of mobile devices and social media.

Useful quotations, inspirational stories and specific examples, including references to recent research, strengthen the advice offered as to how students can ensure revision is effective and examination performance is positive. The book ends with a call to action and a very useful, extensive list of references to prompt further reading.


Ian Mitchell, Performance Psychologist, Wales’ national senior football team. 27th April 2017

If anyone is looking to develop a growth mindset and generally tackle life in a more positive and confident way then this book is a must-read. Complex concepts are presented in a simple manner in order for the reader to take away key messages and apply them across a number of relevant situations. The authors must be commended on providing a unique format, allowing readers to retain important information, which underpins the effective thinking and behaviour needed in order to thrive.


Hélène Galdin, teacher and ResearchEd organiser. 27th April 2017

I would recommend this wonderful book, aimed at a teen audience, as both a parent and a teacher. It is packed with evidence-based (thoroughly referenced), practical tips to support our youngsters; for example, to help them make their learning more memorable or to help them live less stressful lives. The very clear graphics are a real strength of the book and allow the reader to dip in and out. I couldn’t help but proffer its pages to my son, now preparing for his next set of exams. Very teen-friendly!


Harry Fletcher-Wood, Associate Dean, Institute for Teaching. 27th April 2017

Bradley Busch and Edward Watson have sifted through a wealth of insight from cognitive and behavioural psychology into our strengths and weaknesses as students – and humans – and transformed it into a helpful, usable guide. Attractive summaries are helpfully combined with clear explanations of the underlying ideas. Applying just a handful of their ideas would, I suspect, help anyone to both study better and flourish while doing so.


Chris Thurston, Head of Education and Welfare at Watford FC. 27th April 2017

Really enjoyed the book – there are some real strengths to the design alongside the wealth of tips and knowledge. I love the infographics, which offer a quick and easy way of getting the key information across.


Chris Hildrew, Head Teacher, Churchill Academy and Sixth Form. 27th April 2017

Bradley and Edward have written an accessible, comprehensive guide to implementing the latest research into motivation, self-control and neuroscience to help you to get better at ... well, everything! Their book breaks down the process of goal-setting, self-discipline, coping with challenge, learning and achievement into a series of tips and tricks, rendered into easy-to-understand lists which make great resources for students, teachers or anyone trying to do that little bit better. All the key information for each topic is captured in an eye-catching single page, meaning that the book serves as a catalogue of self-help guides. But these single pages are supported by helpful detail, explaining how and why you should follow the advice. Each of the guides is sourced with detailed research from the fields of psychology, health and neuroscience, giving the reader confidence that these easily digestible chunks are much more than just platitudes or motivational slogans. Release Your Inner Drive will be a great resource for anyone involved in education and learning – or, indeed, anyone who “wants to get good at stuff”.


Dr Barry Hymer, Emeritus Professor of Psychology in Education, University of Cumbria. 27th April 2017

Seductively readable and yet also impressively evidence-based, this beautifully produced book represents an exceptional distillation of research around motivation. It’s a tough art to keep the message simple without straying into the simplistic badlands, or risk patronising a hyper-vigilant teenaged audience, and the authors carry this off remarkably well. Time-starved teachers will find much classroom-ready material to use here too.

Bradley Busch is a chartered psychologist and director of InnerDrive. As well as writing regularly for color=blue>The Guardian, he is one of the leading experts on how psychological research can best help students, teachers, athletes and businesses think and perform better.


Edward Watson founded InnerDrive, a mental skills company that initially worked in Premier League football and with Olympic athletes, in 2006. The majority of InnerDrive‘s current work is now in education and business, coaching students and teachers to realise their potential and to cope effectively with pressure.