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International Perspectives on Reminiscence, Life Review and Life Story Work

by Faith Gibson Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Pub Date:
Pbk 440 pages
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Examining recent research and practice on reminiscence, life review and life story work, this book offers critical accounts of the rapidly growing and extensive global literature, and highlights the continuing relevance and effectiveness of these therapeutic methods. The book includes examples of international practical projects, involving people of all ages, life circumstances, and levels of physical and cognitive functioning. Contributions from contemporary practitioners and researchers give a nuanced appraisal of the methods of engagement and creativity arising from the purposeful recall of our personal pasts. Chapters include reviews of technology, ethical issues including end of life care, working with people with mental health conditions, and working with people with dementia.

Foreword by Barbara Haight. 1. Introduction. Faith Gibson, Emeritus Professor of Social Work, University of Ulster, UK and Associate Consultant, HammondCare Sydney, Australia. 2. Recent progress in reminiscence research. Thomas W. Pierce, PhD, Department of Psychology, Radford University, USA, and Ann Elliott, Department of Psychology, Radford University, USA. 3. Cochrane review of reminiscence interventions with people with dementia. Bob Woods, Emeritus Professor, Dementia Centre, University of Wales, UK. 4. Reminiscence and life review in later life: The Southampton longitudinal study. Peter Coleman, Emeritus Professor, Academic Unit of Psychology, University of Southampton, UK, Christine Ivani-Chalian, PhD, UK and Maureen Robinson, Independent Advocate for Older People, UK. 5. Developmental foundations of life-long reminiscing. Robyn Fivush, Professor, Department of Psychology, Emory University, USA and Dr Jordan Booker, Professor, Department of Psychology, Emory University, USA. 6. Reminiscence and life review work in Taiwan. Tsuann Kuo, Assistant Professor, School of Medical Sociology and Social Work, Chung-Shan Medical University, Taiwan. 7. Spiritual reminiscing in later life. Elizabeth MacKinlay, Adjunct Professor, St Marks Theological College, Charles Stuart University, Australia. 8. Loss of a loved one: Remembering the life and the dying days. Emily L. Mroz, Psychology Department, University of Florida, USA, and Susan Bluck, PhD, Associate Professor, Psychology Department, University of Florida, USA. 9. Guided autobiography: Scope, implementation, process, and international applications. Dr Cheryl Svensson, University of Southern California, USA, and Brian de Vries, Professor, Gerontology Program, San Francisco State University, USA. 10. Reminiscence, narrative, and the presence of meaning in life. Dr Jeffrey D. Webster, Psychology Department, Langara College, Canada. 11. The narrative self in the lived experience of dementia. Christine Bryden, PhD, Dementia Consultant, Australia. 12. Self-reminiscences of clinically depressed older adults and the tripartite functional model revisted. Philippe Cappeliez, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Psychology Department University of Ottawa, Canada. 13. Reminiscence, self and meaningful connections: A case example of 'Bill'. Kate de Medeiros, Associate Professor of Gerontology, Miami University, Ohio, USA, and Sara E. Stemen, Doctoral Associate in Gerontology, Department of Sociology and Gerontology, Miami University, Ohio, USA. 14. Sharing memories: Building communities through arts-based reminiscence. Marian Ferguson, Reminiscence Network Northern Ireland, UK and Dr Geraldine Gallagher, Reminiscence Network Northern Ireland, UK. 15. Creative exploration of the past in the present. Pam Schweitzer, Founder, European Reminiscence Network, UK. 16. Structured Life Review. Dr Juliette Shellman, School of Nursing, University of Connecticut, USA and Julia A. McNeil, RN, MSN/Ed, USA. 17. Life review: Lifespan development, meaning processes and interventions. Dr Gerben J. Westerhof, Psychology Department, University of Twente, Netherlands. 18. Memoir writing: The challenge of leaving a legacy. Mary O'Brien Tyrrell, President, Memoirs, LLC, USA. 19. The contribution of information technology to reminiscence, life review and life story work: The perspectives of people living with dementia and their families. Assumpta A. Ryan, Professor of Ageing and Health, Ulster University, UK. 20. Increasing the use of reminiscence and life review: Experiences with the development, implemtation and evaluation of an online certificate course. Dr Juliette Shellman, Loreina Yancura, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA, and Esther Gieschen, Program Manager & Interim Director, Center for Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin-Superior, USA. 21. Afterword by Faith Gibson.

Faith Gibson is Emeritus Professor of Social Work at Ulster University, Northern Ireland and is an associate consultant with Hammond Care, Sydney, Australia. She lives in New South Wales, Australia.