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You Can Change the World!: Everyday Teen Heroes Making a Difference Everywhere

by Margaret Rooke Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Pub Date:
Pbk 320 pages
AU$33.99 NZ$34.77
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This inspirational book tells the stories of 50 real-life teens who've dared to change the world they live in.   Bestselling author Margaret Rooke asks teenagers about their experiences of being volunteers, social entrepreneurs, and political campaigners, online and beyond.   


We hear about:

- Dillon Eisman, 18, the creator of Sew Swag that takes damaged and donated items of clothing and upcycles them for the homeless population in California.

- Heraa Hashmi, 19, who fights Islamophobia online.

- Lucy Gavaghan, who, at 14, walked into Tesco head office and persuaded them not to sell eggs from caged hens.

- Maya Ghazal, a refugee from Syria, now campaigning for refugees' rights, and studying to be an aviation engineer - out of gratitude to the aeroplane that brought her here.

- A girl from Malawi tricked into marriage now campaigning against forced marriage.

- The boy who cleans beaches.

- Niamh, 16, Marine Cadet cover girl, who talks openly about her bisexuality at school.

- Amika George who fights 'Period Poverty'.

- Seven foot tall Jesse who embraces his stature. - Young carer of the year Adam.

- A boy with Downs, bullied at school, who is now successful actor.

- A boy who wore full make up every day at high school.   These interviews cover race, sexuality, neurodiversity, bullying and other issues central to the lives of today's teens.   


This unforgettable book shows how you can survive in a social media and celebrity obsessed world by refusing to conform to other people's expectations. It shows how you can find ways to achieve against the odds. It features tips for actions you can take to create genuine impact.

Foreword; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Demanding a change; 2. Never giving up; 3. Finding my voice; 4. Challenging what others think; 5. Discovering my passion; 6. Turning my life around; 7. Helping others; Well, what did you think?; Toolkit

Now I know that there are actually quite a lot of people who realise and act.
Margaret Rooke has more than 25 years' experience writing for national newspapers, magazines and books. She has two teenage children. She is the author of the bestselling Creative, Successful Dyslexic and Dyslexia is My Superpower.