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How Can I Remember All That?: Simple Stuff to Improve Your Working Memory

by Tracy Packiam Alloway Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Pub Date:
Pbk 64 pages
AU$22.99 NZ$24.34
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Why can't I remember what my parents just asked me to do? Why do I feel stressed out at school when the teacher is writing on the board and talking at the same time? And what can I do about it?


Working memory issues affect a huge proportion of kids with learning differences like ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and ASD. These issues can make them feel frustrated or bored, as working memory and intelligence are two very different things. Kids with working memory problems can also act out in the classroom and at home.


In this child-friendly and authoritative guide, international working memory expert Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway walks you through what working memory is, what it feels like to have problems with your working memory, and what you can do about it. She presents key tips and strategies, such as the benefits of eating chocolate or of barefoot running, that will help children both at home and at school, and includes a section at the end for adults describing how we can test for working memory issues.


Market: Teachers, SENCOS, and support assistants, parents, psychologists, counsellors, youth workers, adults themselves with executive function and working memory issues,

occupational therapists, children aged 7+ and their friends and family, speech and language therapists, learning support assistants.

1. Why Can't I Remember All That? 2. Things that can be tricky. 3. How can you improve your working memory? 4. Tips to improve memory (short-term and long-term memory).

Who knew that learning about working memory could be so much fun?

Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway, PhD, is an award-winning psychologist, professor, author, and TEDx speaker. Dr. Alloway specializes in working memory and its role in learning.