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Getting the Most Out of Your Doctorate: The Importance of Supervision, Networking and Becoming a Global Academic

by Mollie Dollinger Emerald Group Publishing Limited
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Pbk 168 pages
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Beyond the doctoral thesis itself, the most significant factors in the progression of PhD candidature and in early research careers are the relationships between the researcher and their supervisor(s), the ability to network, and understanding one’s place in the global research arena. Navigating the gap between novice and expert, far from being present only in their PhD candidature, is a process that will continue for years into an early academic’s career. Yet while supervision is frequently discussed and explored in scholarly literature, many of these publications lack a narrative that can connect and guide an individual commencing a PhD or starting their early research career. This book, therefore, will serve as a practical tool for PhD candidates and early career researchers (ECRs), providing them with a foundational understanding on how to sustain healthy and long-lasting supervisory relationships and how to develop their international networks.

Foreword by Dr. Margaret Kiley

Part I. Preparation

Chapter 1. Selecting a supervisor; Ms. Samantha Marangell, Dr. Lilia Mantai, Dr. Mollie Dollinger

Chapter 2. Setting and adjusting expectations of supervision; Dr. Dely Elliot, Rui He and Dangeni

Chapter 3. When the supervisor isn't enough; Dr. Jessica M. McKeown and Dr. Andi M. Strackeljahn

Part II. Mediating

Chapter 4. Navigating co-supervision; Min Zou, Delin Kong

Chapter 5. The power of an effective network; Associate Professor Kerry Bissaker, Sue Kupke, Divya Dawadi, Kamal Pokhrel, Vanessa Alexander, Jo Shearer, Helen Stephenson, Lesley Henderson & Dr. Ali Nawab

Chapter 6. Developing networks near and far; Dr Jenna Mittelmeier, Prof Divya Jindal-Snape, Prof Bart Rienties, Dr Kate Yue Zhang, Ms Yakun Chen

Part III. Understanding your place

Chapter 7. Aligning yourself to internationalisation; Dr. Uwe Brandenburg

Chapter 8. How to navigate the PhD journey to prepare for an extraordinary future; Professor Shelley Kinash and Ms. Madelaine-Marie Judd

Chapter 9. Guidance for the Modern PhD Candidate; Dr. Mollie Dollinger

This book brings together education scholars from Australia, Europe, China, Nepal, and the US for nine chapters on how to get the most out of a doctorate. They address selecting a supervisor, setting and adjusting expectations of supervision, and seeking other sources of support; navigating co-supervision, creating or joining a doctoral community, and developing networks; and making the doctorate an international experience, nurturing postgraduate employment, and thriving and surviving.
Mollie Dollinger is a higher education researcher at La Trobe University, Australia. She received her PhD from The University of Melbourne's Centre for the Study of Higher Education in 2018. Her research interests include student-staff co-creation in higher education, doctoral education and training, and the student experience.