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Therapeutic Parenting Essentials: Moving from Trauma to Trust

by Sarah Naish, Sarah Dillon and Jane Mitchell Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Pub Date:
Pbk 320 pages
AU$42.99 NZ$43.47
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All families of children affected by trauma are on a journey, and this book will help to guide you and your family on your journey from trauma to trust. Sarah Naish shares her own experiences of adopting five siblings. She describes how to use therapeutic parenting - a deeply nurturing parenting style - to overcome common challenges when raising children who have experienced trauma. The book describes a series of difficult episodes for her family, exploring both parent's and child's experiences of the same events - with the child's experience written by a former fostered child - and in doing so reveals the very good reasons why traumatized children behave as they do. The book explores the misunderstandings that grow between parents and their children, and provides comfort to the reader - you are not the only family going through this!


Full of insights from a family and others who have really been there, this book gives you advice and strategies to help you and your family thrive.

IntroductionThe Trauma Difference (Room 1)1. Before2. Expectations3. Meeting4. Moving In5. Honeymooon6. Change7. Christmas8. The Honeymoon Is Over9. Emotional Age10. Stuck11. Food12. Sugar13. Easter14. Birthday15. The Necessary Lies?16. Nonsense Chatter17. Anxiety18. Wee & Poo19. Hypervigilance20. Exhausted (Compassion Fatigue)21. No Friends22. More Than One!23. Straight Talk Please24. Dogs25. Mess26. Blame27. Diagnoses28. Sabotage29. What Lies Beneath (The Internal Working Model)30. Memory31. Lying32. Hypochondria33. Shame34. Visits (Contact)35. Violent36. School37. Isolation38. Guilt39. Therapy40. Busy41. Sleep42. Honesty43. Avoiding Connection44. Who Cares?45. Stealing46. Rude47. Grief48. Moving On49. Hope50. Our FamilyBibliography and References

Sarah Naish is an adoptive parent, director of Inspire Training Group, founder of the National Association of Therapeutic Parents and author of the hugely popular Therapeutic Parenting Books series.


Sarah Dillon spent much of her childhood in foster care, and is now an attachment therapist and Panel C hair.


Jane Mitchell is an adoptive parent, and specialises in training around attachment, developmental trauma and related neuroscience.