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Japanese Religions (Four Volume Set)

by Lucia Dolce SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Hbk 1678 pages
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This set, as a collection of representative studies on Japanese Religions, illustrates the diversity and complexity of the Japanese religious experience, past and contemporary, while at the same time offering an overview of the most updated research in the field. The themes selected promote avenues of analysis that place the religious phenomenon in its socio-historical and cultural context. The selection demonstrates the range of religious practices and the contexts in which these practices are performed, with the aim of counterbalancing the traditional foci on either theological (doctrinal) studies or ethnographic studies only. This collection affords a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the nature and practice of Japanese religiosity. The framework in which the material is presented also offers an alternative to the usual chronological organization of works on Japanese religions, and to traditional arrangements of works on East Asian religions in general according to the categories of Buddhism, Confucianism, Shinto and Christianity. Although these traditional approaches are covered in the first volume, the set as a whole stresses the practice of religion, which stretches across traditions and denominations, and the pre-modern/modern divide.

Modern Japan and the Science of Religions - Michael Pye
The Establishment of Modern Shintology and the Role of Tanaka Yoshito - Jun'ichi Isomae
Buddhism in the History of Japanese Religion: Research History and Research Methods - Fumihiko Sueki
Comparative Perspectives on the Emergence of Jind? and Shinto - Mark Teeuwen,
Shugendo: Japanese Mountain Religion - State of the Field and Bibliographic Review - Gaynor Sekimori
Folk Religion and its Contemporary Issues - Noriko Kawahashi
Religious Dimensions of Confucianism: Cosmology and Cultivation - Mary Evelyn Tucker
Chronologies, Commonalities and Alternative Status in Japanese New Religious Movements: Defining NRMS outside the Western Cul-De-Sac - Ian Reader
Japan's Ignored Cultural Revolution: The Separation of Shinto and Buddhist Divinities In Meiji (shimbutsu bunri) and a Case Study: T?nomine - Allan Grapard
The Establishment of Early Modern Buddhism - Satoshi Sonehara
The Commercialization of the Sacred: The Structural Evolution of Religious Communities in Japan - Susumu Shimazono
"Zen Is Not Buddhism": Recent Japanese Critiques of Buddha-Nature - Paul Swanson
The Buddhist Icon and the Modern Gaze - Bernard Faure
Historiographical Issues in the Studies of the "Christian Century" in Japan - Ikuo Higashibaba
New Age and New Spiritual Movements: The role of Spiritual Intellectuals - Susumu Shimazono
The Death and Rebirth of Buddhism in Contemporary Japan - George Tanabe, Jr
The Temple/Juridical Person: Law and the Temple in Japan - Stephen Covell
Jinja Honch? and Shrine Shint? policy - Mark Teeuwen
Warden + Salaryman + Virtuoso = Priests: Paradigms within Japanese Shinto for Religious Specialists and Institutions - John Nelson
The Cult of Mount Atago and the Atago Confraternities - Anne Bouchy
The Development of State Ritual in Ancient Japan - Shoji Okada
The Emperor's New Robes: Processes of Resignification in Shingon Imperial Rituals - Fabio Rambelli
The Imperial Law and the Buddhist Law - Kuroda Toshio
Anti-Christian Ideas and National Ideology: Inoue Enryo and Inoue Tetsujiro's Mobilization of Sectarian History in Meiji Japan - Kiri Paramore
Protect the Dharma, Protect the Country: Buddhist War Responsibility and Social Ethics - Christopher Ives
Nichiren's Activist Heirs: S?ka Gakkai, Rissh? K?seikai and Nipponzan My?h?ji - Jacqueline Stone
Constitutional Revision and Japanese Religions - Helen Hardacre
Consensus Shattered: Japanese Paradigm Shifts and Moral Panic in the Post-Aum Era - Ian Reader
Shortening the Path: Early Tendai Interpretations of the Realization of Buddhahood in This Very Body (Sokushin J?butsu) - Paul Groner
On the Use of Prophecy in Mediaeval Japan - Lucia Dolce
1999 and Beyond: The Use of Nostradamus' Prophecies by Japanese Religions - Robert Kisala
Revisioning Japanese Religiosity: Tezuka Osamu's Hi no Tori (The Phoenix) - Mark MacWilliams
Geosophia, Geognosis, and Geopiety: Orders of Significance in Japanese Representations of space - Allan Grapard
Mandala, Mandala on the Wall: Variations of Usage in the Shingon School - David Gardiner
Mapping the "Divine Country:" Sacred Geography and International Concerns in Mediaeval Japan - Lucia Dolce
From Religious Conformity to Innovation: New Ideas of Religious Journey and Holy Places - Nobutaka Inoue
The Dead and the Living in the Land of Peace: A Sociology of the Shrine - John Breen
Saigy? and the Buddhist Value of Nature (Part I) - William LaFleur
The Inflatable, Collapsible Kingdom of Retribution: A Primer on Japanese Hell Imagery and Imagination - Caroline Hirasawa
Japanese Modern Religious Manga - Matthew Eynon
Mapping Sectarian Identity: Onj?ji's Statue of Shinra My?jin - Christine Guth
Switching Sites and Identity: The Founder's Statue at the Zen Buddhist Temple K?rin'in - Gregory Levine
Buddhist Material Culture, "Indianism," and the Construction of Pan-Asian Buddhism in Prewar Japan - Richard Jaffe
Art and New Religions: From Deguchi Onisaburo to the Miho Museum - Nancy Stalker
Trends in the Study of Women and Buddhism - Junko Nishiguchi
Jizoku (Priests' Wives) In S?t? Zen Buddhism: An Ambiguous Category - Noriko Kawahashi
Strategies of Survival: Women, Abortion, and Popular Religion in Contemporary Japan - Meredith Underwood
The Life of Shamanness: Scenes from the Shamanism of Northeastern Japan in Folk Beliefs in Modern Japan - Kunimitsu Kawamura
Female Pilgrims and Mt. Fuji: Changing Perspectives on the Exclusion of Women - Fumiko Miyazaki
Thinking through Shingon Ritual - Robert Sharf
The Shingon Subordinating Fire Offering for Amit?bha, "Amida Kei Ai Goma" - Richard Payne
Seeking the Pure Land in Heian Japan: The Practices of the Monks of the Nijugo Zammai-e - Robert Rhodes
The Akinomine of Haguro Shugendó: A Historical Perspective - Gaynor Sekimori
Ritual as an Instrument of Political Resistance in Rural Japan - Scott Schnell
The Transformation of Healing in the Japanese New Religions - Helen Hardacre
The Worship of Celestial Bodies in Japan: Politics, Rituals and Icons - Lucia Dolce
Performing Power: On the Nature of the Japanese Ritual Dance Performance of Yamabushi Kagura - Irit Averbuch
Mind and Morality in Nineteenth-Century Japanese Religions: Misogi-kyô and Maruyama-kyô - Janine Sawada
In Search of a New Interpretation of Ascetic Experience - Massimo Raveri
On Placating the Gods and Pacifying the Populace: The Case of the Gion "Gory?" Cult - Neil McMullin
Buy Me a Bride: Death and Exchange in Northern Japanese Bride Doll Marriage - Ellen Schattschneider
Shint? Mortuary Rites in Contemporary Japan - Elizabeth Kenney
Japanese Christians and the World of the Dead - Mark Mullins
Zen in the Art of Funerals: Ritual Salvation in Japanese Buddhism - William Bodiford

Lucia Dolce is a senior lecturer in Japanese Religion and Japanese at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She is a specialist of Japanese Religions and has spent a considerable time of fieldwork in Japan. She has published widely on different aspects of Japanese religious practice, and is regularly invited to deliver guest lectures at universities in Europe, US and Japan. She has created and has been in charge (since 1999) of the MA in Japanese Religions at SOAS (the only MA programme in Europe focused on Japanese Religions); she teaches three of the options on offer in the programme, including the core course. She is also the chair of the SOAS Centre for the Study of Japanese Religions and in this capacity convenes weekly guest lectures and postgraduate seminars, and has organized several international conferences on different aspects of Japanese religiosity.