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Judgmental Flower

by Julia Cook Boys Town Press
Pub Date:
Pbk 32 pages
AU$19.99 NZ$19.99
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The flower patch has always been the same. Purples hang with other Purples. Blues hang with Blues. Talls hang with Talls. Shorts hang with Shorts. But when Purple moves into the Blue Patch, Blue just isn't sure how he feels about that! Fortunately, Blue's Mom is around to point out how much Blue and his friends can learn from the wind, the rain, and the bees, who treat all flowers the same. Will Blue start to see things from a different lens? Find out in award-winning author Julia Cook's timely and important tale teaching the skill of valuing the differences of others.

Julia’s newest book, Judgmental Flower, is very timely and helps parents and teachers talk to children about racism and prejudice. With all the recent atrocities in our world and abroad, we need to embrace our differences and realize that, though we may look different or have different customs, the bottom line is the majority of us want peace and kindness. Children are not born judgmental or prejudiced. They learn it. The Judgmental Flower offers a great opportunity to teach and model emotional intelligence skills and responses through characters (flowers) that children can identify with.

Dennis LaPorte, Mom Blog Society, November 2016


Prejudice and hatred are growing rapidly in our society. These dangerous attitudes are usually directed at those that are different in some way. Ms. Cook has such a gift and insight to address serious issues with children. Her books do not preach or scold, but share the problem and many solutions. A judgmental spirit is a learned attitude. Otherwise children are naturally the most loving and accepting people there are. As with all her books, The Judgmental Flower is charmingly illustrated, entertaining to read and written on a child’s level of understanding. This book is also written in rhyme which I know with the young ones I read to helps retain attention. Because all children know about and love flowers they can relate to them. The story is about a little blue flower that has a big family and lots of friends, of course they are all blue like him. One day a purple flower appears on his patch of ground. He immediately dislikes the new bloom because he isn’t like him. He goes to his mother to share his concerns.


He is surprised to find out that everyone is NOT supposed to be alike. She begins to point out all the ways the new comer is LIKE him. She also helps him see how the water, wind, sun, and bees respect the purple blossom just as he is. Mom points out how boring the world would be if everyone were alike and difference make the world beautiful.


Not wanting to grow in the “wrong” direction the blue flower decides to have his new neighbor a chance. He was delighted to find out they had so much in common and his new friend taught him many new things!


At the back of the book are six of Ms. Cook’s wonderful tips and discussion questions to help children overcome a horrible attitude while they are young. Every class and home needs to read this book.

Narita, The Old Crow's Empty Next, November 2016


Julia Cook is a former teacher and school counselor who has written more than a dozen books for children as well as several activity books for teachers. She has received the Association for Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award.