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Sociological Traditions: Methods and Perspectives in the Sociology of India

by T N Madan SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Pub Date:
Hbk 328 pages
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This book looks at the sociology of India from two perspectives: first, understanding the cultural traditions of India with special reference to religious and ethical values; and second, exploring the growth of the sociological traditions of India. Divided in two parts, the book goes beyond mere description of the main religious traditions and looks at the ethical values that are embedded in the religio-secular traditions of India. It also projects the sociological traditions of India as a historical process, a process of growth of sociological knowledge. The basic premise of the discussion is not one dominant cultural tradition but the plurality that characterizes the cultural, religious and value traditions of India, and pluralism that characterizes the sociology of India.

Indian Secularism in a Post-secular Age
Hinduism: The Book View and the Field View
Islam: The Universal and the Particular
Sikhism: The Sacred and the Secular
Gandhi and Weber: The Work Ethic, Capitalism, and Conscience
Radhakamal Mukerjee and His Contemporaries
D P Mukerji: Towards a Historical Sociology - D P Mukerji
M N Srinivas: Empericism and Imagination - M N Srinivas
Louis Dumont: The Man and His Work - Louis Dumont
Contributions to Indian Sociology: Towards Methodological Pluralism
Epilogue: Engagements and Passages'An Exercise in Reflexivity

The title of this artfully written book is a subtle play on words: it is about the sociology of traditions and the traditions of sociology. The author is one of India's premier sociologists, and to read his interpretations is to see a master at work. Sociological Traditions may well become the most influential of T.N. Madan's many excellent books. Mark Juergensmeyer Professor of Sociology University of California, Santa Barbara, USA This outstanding book records T.N. Madan's journey through the sociology of Indian sociology. Over the years, he has redrawn the contemporary landscape of the discipline. It is only appropriate that he now looks back at it with a mix of intimacy and professional detachment. And he does so with unfailing sensitivity to the ways in which cultures of knowledge and individual lifecycles interact. Ashis Nandy Emeritus Senior Fellow Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, India
One of Indiaas most distinguished sociologists, T.N. Madan is Honorary Professor of Sociology at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi University, and Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in India. He is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute (London) and Docteur Honoris Causa of the University of Paris X. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Indian Sociological Society in 2008.